I am back and I never meant to be gone.  Life got in the way and I decided to go with it.  I let the tide take me, I just with it and I am glad.  These last 2 weeks have been filled with self evaluation and the beginning of change.  I have lots to work on but the foundation is soon to be there and I hope that I come out the other side an even stronger and more self confident Mama.

So I have been taking in time and trying to savor moments and keep the anxieties of life at a low.  It is hard….why do I let small obstacles get to me?  Why can’t I be more laid back?  Those are the million dollar questions.  So I am trying on some new routines to help make evenings and mornings a little calmer.  Trying to enjoy the moments of gathering 4 kids for school in the morning as well as the moments after school of homework and therapy.  It can be done and I am determined to be successful.


This is not an easy goal…..in fact for me to conquer these 2 things and maintain a smile for my husband when he walks in the house in the evening feels a little like when I crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon exhausting….but i have faith in myself and my family and I will get there!  We all will get there.

On top of all this self evaluation little sister is growing leaps and bounds.  She is climbing on chairs, verbalizing what she would like to eat and drink as well as walking.  I am not sure what happened  but this week was big.  Sister is tried of sitting around and she is busy getting exactly what she wants.  We are all sitting back and enjoying her and her determined personality.

Spring is coming and so is a natural light photography studio in my garage!  Yep!

This gross looking garage will be transformed into a natural light studio and the project began today.  I can not wait to share the process with you all.  I am hoping this will enable me to continue to grow my photography business and open up new opportunities that would require a studio setting!  I count my blessings every day for my amazing husband and all the faith he pours into me daily!

Life is good and so are WEEKENDS!  Happy weekend everyone!