As I lifted my head from the pillow this morning I started to reminisce about the day before, Memorial Day.  It just so happens to be a huge holiday here at our house for so many reasons.  It has always been a kick off.  The kick off to a fantastic summer, the kick off BBQ’s, Pool Parties, Friends and Family.  We make it big because in our house we make it big or we go home!

I walked into my kitchen this morning and I saw the remains of what was a fantastic party.  Sticky floors and unwashed dishes, I smiled.  A dirty house means everyone had a great time.  You can’t have a clean house and a great party at the same time!  Just not possible in my book.  So as I cleaned my dishes and washed my floors I was thinking about the days events.  We made it big and I am so glad because guess what you can’t redo or rewind life.  I can’t ask for a do over and for that I am glad we did it big!

The day began with the Ridge Run, and this year I ran it with my dear friend Karin.  It is not so much about the win or the time. (although my children would beg to differ) It is about  spending time together and catching up with no interruptions.  I love that!  Love love love that!


We stayed to wave on a friend.  A friend and her beautiful family being celebrated in our local Memorial Day parade.  What pride they have for their son, brother, nephew and grandson.  CPL Conner Lowry remains in all our thoughts and hearts.  He is what this day is about, remembering those who gave their lives for our country.

The rest of the day was splashing, red white and blue popcycles, snuggling babies, laughing, eating, and catching up.  Can’t beat that for a fantastic Memorial Day!

I spent some time with some fantastic families this weekend for the “Changing the Face of Beauty” advertising campaign.  So thankful for the time these families give me to get to know their children. I cannot tell you how much they fill my cup up!

Happy end of the school year everyone!  I hope to make that big too!