This moment, today, our right now……  I can almost not put in words.  Today Tori Spelling launched her Holiday Look book for her Little Maven brand and today she communicated that all her customers matter.  If you are new here the campaign had a whole lot to do with this.  The coolest part is that she heard and she responded in a big BEAUTIFUL way!

So we are doing the Happy Dance!



The Irish Jig!




The elf JIB JAB!



All of those dances at once! Because this book, this beautiful book, is just perfect!

you must check it out….HERE!

This is a wonderful step in the right direction and THANK YOU Tori for believing as well as  creating such a perfect example of how advertising should look all the time!

1 in 10 people are living with a disability in our country.  25% of families have a loved one who is living with a disability.  My hope is to continue to see advertisers recognize that all their consumers should be represented all the time!

adMaven3 copy


Congratulations to these beautiful faces that inspired this campaign.  Congratulations to all the Mamas who took the time to purchase a sweet Little Maven outfit and enter their child’s beautiful face!  You are all winners because you believed in a campaign that is right, that is needed and that would have gone no where without your support!  you ROCKED it!

Please continue to encourage, write and support companies that include children of all abilities.  Let Tori know what this means to you.  Let JC Penney know how much you want their ads to change.  Tell them what it means to include all people of all abilities.  Change happens because of YOU!  Those letters, those words they matter.

4Q3B6801 copy

Merry Christmas!  tonight we celebrate!!!!!!! OXOXO