Over the past couple of weeks I have been running around like a women who is nesting and days away from the birth of a child. (no I am not pregnant!)  Seriously, cleaning….tossing…organizing.  These are not things that are generally on my A list, but these last 2 weeks I just have this feeling of uneasiness.  Not sure where it is coming from but I am determined to get to the bottom of it.  It might not be from the molasses that has been spilt in the back of my turn table for the past 6 months but it sure feels good to get rid of that sticky mess!

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So in the mean time we have said good by to a piece of furniture that has been with us for the past 13 years.  We no longer have a baby crib in our home.  It has been taken down and replaced with the perfect little bed and toys.  Grace finally has her own room with her own “girl” things.  A girl room is evolving and it is pretty exciting.  As I took the bed down I photographed it.  There was a twinge in my heart knowing that my baby is now really a toddler.  I mean come on she is almost 4!  I kept is up a little longer then I would have liked but there is something about the baby bed and honestly I could not image our life without it.

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As I was cleaning her room out and moving her big brother next door I came across her baby book and all the cards and letters from her birth.  It is funny, I have not touched that drawer since I tucked all those mementos in there.  It has been in the back of my mind.  I never filled out a baby book for her even though I bought one.  As I filed though all the cards tears started flowing.  Like out of control.  I guess I opened pandora’s box.  A box that I had carefully tucked away and put out of my mind.  That baby I was so worried about well she is standing next to me……all grown into her toddler self!

So as I prepare for Thanksgiving and reflect on the beautiful memories we have made over the past year I am a little more emotional.  I am not sad….. I am just grateful for the blessings we have been given, the friends we have made and the hard work we have put in.  My husband constantly reminds me that life is not a sprint.  It is a long, steady marathon.

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On the top of my list is the beautiful notes that I have received in response to the Little Maven campaign.  I am so grateful for all you peeps out there that BELIEVE.  When I scroll through the entries I am tucking all those beautiful faces right into my heart.  Tori is going to have a hard time choosing.  It is beautiful to see all children together, representing one beautiful line.  Together is the new “black” right??!  Especially when everyone is represented!  So if YOU have not entered your child DO IT!  Get your child a sweet little holiday outfit at JCP and have fun capturing it!  Everyone is a winner because for 2 weeks everyone is included on that entry form.  The kids havebeautiful twinkles in their eye, regardless of their abilities.   You can enter HERE until the 30th of November!  So to all those Mominista Photog’s out there! Rock that shot!


Happy week before Thanksgiving everyone!  The holidays are here and I am wishing you tons of late nights with yummy egg nog and roaring fires!