Life is good…..busy but good.  We are trying to find that routine where everything gets done when it should get done, therapy, meals, homework… know the drills.  The ability to fit everything in.  Just 7 more hours in the day please!

The last couple days have been straight blessings… daughter and I were able to attend a Gigi’s fundraiser and meet lots of new friends near and far!  Events like that make me smile.  I love how we all rally for our loved ones.  We build playhouses and eat ice cream at fundraisers all for our children who happen to be blessed with that little extra chromosome.  That chromosome that we were all scared of.  Now it is just a little extra something and that something brings us together and we celebrate!

This is what happens when you prepare for a photo shoot and Grace is involved.  She through that box was for her and not the baby!  Love these photos.

Today was another amazing day!  Today we met Karen Meyer from Channel 7 news.  Karen come to our house today to interview Steve and I about Changing the Face of Beauty.  It was an awesome experience.  Karen only reports on individuals with disabilities and she is a fantastic advocate.  As I sat across from Karen today answering questions about where Changing the Face of Beauty started and what inspired us to start it I did the happy dance in my head!  Changing the Face of Beauty came from love….the love we have for our children!  Now it is the love that all of you have for your children.  Changing the Face of Beauty takes all that love and packages it up and when each person visits that gallery that package opens and gives each person a taste of that love.

We will keep you posted on the air date!  Should be sometime in November!

It was fun!  Our house was buzzing this morning…the kids were excited and upset they would not be here for the TV crew!  and tonight we celebrate a job well done!

My friend Kerry posted awhile ago a bracelet that had “celebrate everything” stamped on it.  Well I finally bought my own and I have been wearing it the past 5 days and I love it!  She was right!  It does remind you to celebrate everything!  I am especially celebrating the my baby girl says “I love you” when I put her to bed and then blows me a huge kiss.  That is somethin’ to celebrate!

Happy Monday everyone!  Make this week great! OXOX