So today is the day!  Today is the first day that beautiful girls and their mamas board planes and get in cars to travel across states to be here bright and early Monday morning to help send the message that it is time for change.


I have said it once and I will say it a million times.  The media and our advertising is a powerful source of influence.  They can literally change a perception in an instant.  This week in the break of errand, cleaning, errand I came across the recent Gap casting call.  Check it out!  Do you see what I see? Call them, email them, tweet them get in touch and let them know that you think they rock!

6 months ago I met Denise DeMarchis.  She founded a very successful clothing line Matilda Jane.  We met because I challenged Matilda Jane to give me a chance to show them what it looks like when their clothes are modeled by beautiful girls of all abilities.  As Denise sat in the room that day she instantly feel in love with the girls and their families.  Instantly because that is who she is. She loves people, all of them.  That day I found out that not only was Denise a successful business owner, her husband and her were the founders of a nonprofit that supports global projects for the good of mankind.  But the kicker was she got what I was trying to do instantly.  She too is a mom with a child who just happens to have a disability.  Yep, we have way more in common then I ever thought we would.

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So fast forward to today.  The eve of setting up for the project she dreamed up.  She wants change and she wanted to be part of influencing others to start #changingthefaceofbeauty.  She believes in the influence this can make for her son and the whole community of people living with disabilities.

“I wish I could easily explain how much the #changingthefaceofbeauty project means to me.  You may not know I have a son who was born with cerebral palsy.  Smart as a whip, beautiful as the sky above, a soul that would melt you but…..what you do not see is his hand that is smaller, his wrists that can’t turn, or the words he cannot say, his arm that is 5″ shorter or his foot that doesn’t flex or his toes that can’t wiggle.  We are all the same yet in so many different ways.” – Denise DeMarchis (Instagram)


“We are all the same yet in so many different ways.” – Yes, maybe those are the words I have been searching for.  I think it is ok to be the same yet in different ways because that is what makes this world unique.

So here we go……Let the fun begin!  Over the next 4 days join in.  Check out @etst, @mightyacorns, @demarchis and @5boysand1girlmake6 on instagram.  Follow along!  Tag us and tell us your thoughts on #changingthefaceofbeauty.  We want to hear from you!  It takes a village, shoot it take a country to stand behind change so lets push together.  We all look forward to seeing your faces and thoughts on this campaign for more inclusion in the media!  So bring it folks!

Happy Saturday Everyone! OX Katie