So Chicago is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, DEEP snow.  It has required “over time” on snow removal and my husband and boys have thankfully taken the lead on that.  The weather makes you want to click the door lock and do a whole lot of baking cookies and laying around in an afghan neither of which should I be doing.  I have felt quite hermit like, which isn’t really unusual so I should say I have felt a little more hermit like this week.

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Anyway I had a meeting yesterday.  One big boy home sick (or we could say with morning sickness because all was fine when the bell for school rung) so I could scoot out with just Grace for an afternoon meet and great that was long over due.  I have been searching for the right person to help me with some set designing for some shoots and well I came across the sweetest flower shop and the rest is history.  So I trudged out through the snow with my girl.  I thought about texting to see if I could bring coffee but with the weather I didn’t have time.  So off we went, a little off kilter, I must say because this lady (me) rarely leaves the house without a pass through McDonalds for a large coffee with 2 creams but I decided it was ok to take this trip with an empty hand.

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We arrived to the most beautiful little spot and Grace proudly walked in, waiting for us was the person I have been looking forward to connecting with.  As we walked in she greeted us and invited us back to this big old table covered with beautiful spring blooms, gorgeous vintage green glass bowls and vases soon to be filled with her creations.  ( You had me at hello)  She pointed to a cozy chair with a cup of hot vanilla chi tea.  Yes, made especially for me.  So we chatted about what I needed, her flowers and how we might be able to help each other out.  All of it.  I am going to be honest here.  I could have stayed all afternoon.  My girl climbed up next too me and we poured her a couple sips of the same warm tea… see where this story is going don’t you?  I am talking about the feeling you feel when someone does something so personal just especially for you.  Like brewing you a warm cup of tea just because she thought you could use one.  That.  I felt it.  A feeling I haven’t felt in along time.

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Most of the time we ask.  Can I help you out?  Is there anything I can do?  Can I pick you up a cup of coffee?  Sound familiar?  She took it to the next level and just did.   If someone asked me if they could get me a cup of coffee I would come up with every reason why I don’t want to put them out.  All the way down to I am not worth the $2.50 a cup might cost.  At the end of the day that feeling of someone just doing something special and unexpected for you, that is where the feeling really is.

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So I took my own advice.  I paid the feeling forward.  I myself got caught up in the “hey can I watch your kids or bring you anything” when my own friend was in the hospital.  Since I hang in similar company of course she said “thank you so much for asking but I will let you know.  I will be ok.”  So the week went by and she was on my mind but until that cup of tea I didn’t realize how much she too needed to feel that “your important to me” feeling.  Everyone needs it.  So last night I went to the store and packed a bag of all my favorite things.  Things that make me feel like all is well and going to be ok and I dropped it by her house.

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Selfishly I probably got more out of the gesture.  The feeling of giving that feeling that I felt back to someone else.  I just wanted her to know that I get it.  I am a mom too.  If you have not read this essay read it.  It stands for so many situations in life.  We as moms, daughters, sisters and mothers get it.  Even when we don’t think we do.  We really have it.

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I have come across a precious girl who is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I can’t spot thinking and praying for this beautiful girl and her family.  If you are on Instagram check in with them and if you feel comfortable let them know you are  sending healing thoughts as well.  She is the only sister to a slew of 5 brothers.  Everything was alright and then everything wasn’t.  Life is short, quick and scary sometimes.  It goes by too fast not to make sure that everyone in your life feels how much they matter to you.  You can find them here.

TGIF friends.