So I am on my 5th pumpkin latte and 4th batch of pumpkin bread and 100% in fall.  Its colors, smells and textures.  All of it!  I am a bit delayed in marking things off the “leading up to the holidays” list and apple picking just happened last weekend.  It will be shortly followed by pumpkin picking but I am good with that.  Sometimes I start too early and pumpkins are sagging by Thanksgiving.

My heart skips a beat when you wake up in the morning and as we are loading kids on the bus we can see our breath.  I am much more a put more clothes on person then a hot and sweaty (you don’t want this lady to take too much off) person.  So I welcome the cool temps and the fires at night.

We are on the mend over here and looking forward to decking this place out with a bit more festive color.  More to come!  For now here is our family weekend.

4Q3B2724 copy

Silly puppies and smiles.

4Q3B2730 copy

Big brothers.

4Q3B2738 copy


4Q3B2743 copy 4Q3B2752 copy 4Q3B2754 copy

Street baseball.

4Q3B2763 copy

Mudpie in a cone, anyone?

4Q3B2766 copy

Chilly morning wake-ups.

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Michigan neighbors and friends.

AH3A2847 copy AH3A2861 copy

Carmel apples on the bumper of the car.

AH3A2869 copy

and apples…..made into fresh apple butter.

AH3A2871 copy


Speaking of apple’s I have been reading about all the benefits of this stuff.  I put it on my salad every day but they say to drink it.  I am day 3 into it (I add some water to it).  I have not contracted the germs flying around this house.  Maybe it is working!  Does anyone else do the same?  I am interested in your success stories!

The coolest part of sifting through these pictures on Wednesday is that we are already half way to another week.  Looking forward to more fall festivities.  I am pulling out the boots and sweaters today!  It feels good to point my lens at what is most important to me.  These gorgeous kids that I am very grateful for.  Taking them in before the October craziness begins!

PS if you are local to Chicago or Michigan and planning family pictures with me this year.  Make sure to get on the books! The only weekend available in Oct is the 18th and 19th.  Feel free to email me at if you want one of those days.

Happy Hump Day! Katie