What a week and what an amazing response to the World Down Syndrome post! Thank you to the 1,200 people who shared that post on their facebook page! (no that is not a typo 1,200 people!!!!!) Thank YOU for helping me raise awareness! It means the a whole lot!!

Sweet Grace and Sean on the porch swing

We were so blessed with summer in March I was determined to take advantage of it this past week! Only one way to do that and it is to get the heck out of the house.

Riding bikes to the stream by our house

I ventured out on the road in front of my house with 2 kids on bikes and 2 in a jog stroller. We have no sidewalks in the sweet little town we live in and for a Mom with 6 kids that is difficult. There are no boundaries to say….. You must not crossover this patch of grass. So you can fill in the blanks….. the ride to our destination was less that relaxing. It went something like this…… Crazy mom yelling, “Sean STOP!” and “Ryan SLOW DOWN” and “Wait for me!!!”, Ok I could go on and on. I dyed my hair just a a week ago and after that trip I need to do it again. I know you understand.

Once we got there, WOW! The boys were in heaven. We are lucky enough to have the sweetest little stream about 1/4 of a mile down the road from our house…..what in the world do boys love more then streams? Well not much! They were in complete heaven.

Colin skipping rocks

Sean enjoying the stream

My boys out in the sunMy boys with Grace at the local stream

So was I…… just watching them do something that my Mom used to do all the time growing up. It did not cost a dime and this piece of heaven is all they talk about.

Colin and Grace watching the fish

Connecting with these kids of mine is not always the easiest for me. I am a girl and I like girl things. I was blessed with boys, get down and dirty boys and well…..it has been an education. Believe me I pull them in the kitchen whenever I get a chance but it is important for me to do what they want to do too. When I get there….to their level, it is magical. They love their mommy more then anything and it makes all the grey hair worth it.

sweet flag banner

Inspiration struck and Easter preparations are on the way! Grace and I made a flag garland and her easter dress is completed! Here is a sneak peak. Very excited!!!

sneak peak for Grace's Easter Dress

Sister is gonna sew…..I am gonna teach her to sew because she loves her some fabric!

Grace loves fabric

Grace loves to play with fabric

Winner of the Art from Leslie Allen Fine Art – Enjoy the View is……. Maryellen! Please send an email to tkdriscoll2000@yahoo.com with your address! Thank you all for your beautiful comments, they truly filled up my cup!

Our Legacy is a family run childrens clothing buisiness and are they talented…. This Mamma and her 2 daughters are AMAZING to say the least!Grace models for Our LegacyGrace Models clothing for local clothing designer

Grace models for Our legacy

Check them out at sewsowsooo.com, Etsy, Facebook.  You will not be sorry!


Giveaway: Gorgeous baby bib

This is for all you Mamas out there with little ones!  I have the softest bib ever, donated from Hatties Designs on Etsy. The bib is made with soft flannel puppies print on the front and back. There is a layer of soft flannel in the middle for added absorbency. It is top stitched the bib for durability and to add a nice professional quality to the bib.

You can also find her on Facebook.  She was sweet enough to donate this for the World Down Syndrome Day!  This bib will go to one random comment on this post!  So comment away!  What are you doing to make Easter extra special this year.  I wanna know!

I will start…..I am planning to have my husbands whole family here, which makes for something like 24 cousins for my kids!  LOVE THAT!  They can not even wait!

Happy Spring Everyone!