This past week was a growing experience and today I am nursing a pretty sick little girl.  I think life just caught up with us today and we have spent a good portion of our day on the couch.  Me catching up on season 2 of The Fosters and her sleeping.  I have 100 things I could be doing but somehow this is where I should be.  Believe me I pushed the envelope but the moaning just finally got to me.  She needs her Mom and I am here.

I keep hitting the rewind on my memory bank.  Scrolling through all the memorable moments of this past weekend.  Friends from near and far coming together for one reason to help “Change the Face of Beauty”.  It really was a beautiful experience for all of us.4Q3B2548 copy

Just to push the anticipation of the event to the next level we invited Kelle Hampton and her 3 kiddos here for the weekend.  We were all sitting on the edge of our seats to see them including my friend and babysitter Molly.  So much so that we welcomed them with a hug and then threw the keys and said see you at 11:00pm my nephew is getting married tonight!  That was the prelude to our entire weekend.  I feel like it was a movie.  We packed in a trip to the American Girl store so the girls could have lunch with their babies, then we splashed in the fountain at Millennium, swung through Garretts and hit the road home to prepare for the 17 girls that would be on set Monday morning.

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These 2 were stuck in the seventies.  The lights, the egg, who would’t be.

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No one was leaving Chicago without memories to take with them.

Sunday night we had friends, volunteers and designers back to the house.  There were hugs and tears before the project even began.  Everyone was there for one reason to support a change.

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I can not tell you how many times tears flooded my eyes.  If you ask Mitzi, owner of Livie and Luca she will tell you that she cried 57 times on Monday alone.  I would have to say I was right there with her.

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Right now I have a 4 year old that needs her Mamas undivided attention but I promise you more will come on Monday from not only me but Kelle and Mighty Acorn as well.  I think we are all forever changed by these 17 beautiful girls who are just that sweet little girls with big dreams.

TGIF friends! OX Katie