Remember the days your mom met you at the breakfast table with a “Go get dressed lets go shopping.”  Well for me those mornings were the best because it usually meant I was spending the afternoon with my Mom all by myself.  My Mom wasn’t one to drag all the kids through the mall unless it was absolutely necessary.  When  I got older I did the same with my sister.  I used to bribe her to go with me to the mall with a cookie taco.  It worked like a charm BTW.  It is not that I love shopping, it was the whole outing.  Chats in the car, lunch at Olive Garden the whole event.  I now prefer to do most of mine online but unfortunately my boys are growing into young men and my method of no longer works.  I actually have to take them to the store so they can touch and feel the clothing along with try it on.  Otherwise the articles that come in the mail hang in the closet till seasons change and I bag them up with the tags on.  I have learned my lesson.

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I took my oldest to the mall this past Saturday.  Him and I and well…..his little brother and sister.  I am one of those moms that drag others along. HA!  3 is a lot easier then 6!  So we  leisurely took in store after store and landed in Hollister.  You walk in that place and must immediately take off sunglasses it is so dark for fear of tripping over a rack or loosing a child.  We were on the hunt for jeans and knee deep in 30×32, 28×30 you get the point.  Mens jeans and their numbers. I did not even know where to begin so I tapped a cute sales girl and asked her to help us get started.  Thinking she would have a tape measure.  No such luck.  “What size in sweats does he wear?” she asked.  “I have no idea.” I respond.  We started in the middle and worked or way down.  Grabbing skinny, straight, relaxed on and on.  In and out of the dressing room I went pulling, grabbing, pinching you get the drift.  My son was red as a beet and asked me more then 4 times to stop opening the door when he was half naked.  Never mind his littlest siblings playing a game of tag under the door. HA!  In a 12 year olds mind we were a complete embarrassment.   I forget  the sales reps are his peers and he would rather fly under the radar as opposed to have a siren over his head.

Yep, those days.  I am that Mom.  The one that forgets that her kids are standing among friends and asks if the jeans feel good in the behind.  Strike one.

I can’t believe I have reached this point in my life where I have a teenager.  It seems impossible to me.  Through all the embarrassing moments he still asks to ride along.  I guess that is good.  I am sure there will come a day when I will suggest a trip to the store and he turns and asks for some cash instead.  I am enjoying this transitionvand I am excited to see what the next 5 years bring.

Not sure what happened to the lady with the double stroller and 2 toddlers cruising behind her but she is long gone.  Her kids grew up!

A little behind the scenes of our weekend.  BTW I literally lost a whole week.  Even after my son told me it was the last week in Sept I believed it was the first weekend in October.  So pumpkin patch comes next week.

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Bonfires are a must when you drive all the way to tae kwon do and you missed the class by and hour.  I wish I could say it was the first time. UGH.

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I love this picture of Grace so free and herself.  She is as wild as her brothers and I love that.

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This girl did a dance in the parking lot when I handed her this muffin the size of her head.

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Happy Monday friends! OX