SO I know I am not the only one who has a social media feed filled with videos of the ALS ice bucket challenge.  One after another. Some creative and some just, ” I take your challenge”.  It started with friends and family of a very creative man, Pete Frates and it cruised across social media like a wild fire to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  This creative challenge has raised more then 24 million dollars for ALS research.  Never, ever has ALS had such a successful fundraiser.  I would bargain to say that most of the people dumping ice water on their head didn’t even know what ALS was until this challenge.

I sit in conversations all the time where people talk about social media and what a time waister it is.  They grieve the days when you actually had to pick the phone up and call your friend to find out how their first day at the new job was.  I can agree with some of those feelings.  I do believe our society has grown a little less physically connected because of the status updates. But WOW, never in our life time has it been easier for one man to set out and challenge his friends to dump water on their head turning the challenge into a viral frenzy of fundraising. Millions of other people, my family included have now connected to his passion of finding a cure for this horrible disease.

So I say go for it!  Grab a bucket of ice and dump in on your head and if you are able make a donation to the ALS foundation.  Honestly my heart bursts every time I see a new video of someone I know.  Especially when they say not only are they dumping but they are donating too.  Imagine the changes that could happen if we could all rally around each other more often.  Lets help the ALS community find answers to a disease that right now has no answers at all.  Lets continue to celebrate with all the people who are living with ALS by letting them know that we see them, we see their struggle and we are pulling for them.  A little creativity goes along way.  It changes perceptions and the world.  Here is the perfect message from someone who is living with ALS explaining just how much Pete Frates challenge has meant to her.

Click here to see Lorri Carey.  You will not be sorry.

The Driscoll family not only donated and completed the ALS Ice bucket challenge (here and here) we have also grabbed a couple more summer memories before our vacation comes to an end.  This is the last full week home and we are already half way though.  More fun to come but here is our week so far in images.

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Someone in our family took a chunk out of the cake before we even sang “Happy Birthday” so much for any kind of perfection.  I did make this amazing cake from scratch which felt really good and tasted even better!  Happy Birthday Tom! OX


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I took my kids to lunch in China town today.  Something I have wanted to do for the last 2 summers.  We made it and it was great but I am not going to lie.  It was hot, Grace was under the weather and the boys complained up until they ate their first bite.  So here we are in this amazing place and i have no pictures!  Just memories.

Happy hump day! OX Katie