Happy New YEAR! HELLLOOOO 2016!

That feels so good to say!  The anticipation of a new beginning, the launch of our new partners over at Changing the Face of Beauty  was getting a little out of control.  I am so glad the new year is here, now beginning here I come and did you SEE the 16 partners  we have who are invested in the future of Changing the Face of Beauty?  So many ideas for 2016 not sure where to start!   I do know I am ready to start talking about advertising and start working on changing the ever evolving face of beauty.

Do I ever stop talking about it? I don’t know about you but I spent a TON-O-MONEY on the holidays.  Clothes, toys, food, shoes, movies, games…..all of it, right?  You too?  I think it is a GREAT time to show the stores I shopped at how AWSOME we look in their products.  Don’t you?

You know pictures speak so much loader then words right?  You know that seeing is believing correct?

I wanna show the world BUT I also know there is strength in numbers.  My girl and I flaunting our styles might be fine for some “awe, Katie she looks great” but what about thousands or heck even 100’s of thousands of people flaunting the same thing!  Showing just how great everyone looks in their holiday gear?  Well that is for sure to get some attention, don’t you think?  Maybe even a couple modeling contracts?  (never know…..it has happened before)

Well we will never know if we don’t start talking.  I want the world to be seen in advertising.  You know, everyone who lives in it.  So I am always up for some crazy fun social media frenzies proving we all buy and wear great products!

I am all in to remind retailers that we shop and we buy.  I want to see my family on the cover of Lands End and if not my family, a family that represents us.  I want to see my gorgeous girl on the wall at Peek.  (I mean come on, have you seen their imagery?  AMAZING) and if not my daughter another child with gorgeous almond eyes or a stylish pair of crutches.

I want to start a conversation with marketers and company owners.  A conversation like,  “Hey!  Do you see my family?”

“Do you see my girl?”

“Does your marketing message speak to us?”

“Did you reach out and offer my girl an invitation to shop at your store?”

That is what advertising is you know …….and Grace and I are all about invitations to shop! (just saying)

So just in case you missed my family I wanted to show you how AWESOME we looked in your brands new styles!  Yep.  WE rocked them.

See this girl?  She is a fashionista and she appreciates a great sweatshirt and pair of stretch pants!  Oh and boots…..she loves a good pair of boots that slip right on!

AH3A6654 copy

SO hello Peek Kids!  WE LOVE your marketing won’t you open your message to include us?  Oh and Hunter! WE LOVE YOU!  This is our 5th pair of boots we have purchased in the last 5 years.  Your boots slide on so easily, they are a go too for both of us.  Would love it if you started seeing us too.

AH3A6548 copy AH3A6653 copy AH3A6739 copy AH3A6772 copy

We are skipping and dancing around this January and will be back with even more styles to show the world!  Rocking them in our own way.  We wanna shake things up and remind the world we are here.

AH3A6863 copy AH3A6888 copy AH3A6911 copy


Want to join us?  Post up your holiday duds and tag your retailers.  Let them know how much you LOVE their products and show them how amazing you look in them.  Seeing is believing friends!

Tag #changingthefaceofbeauty because we are working to #bridgethegap this year.  

We can do it together!

Happy Hump Day!  OX Katie