Horse Therapy….yes the hour ride through the country with the windows down and the radio blaring. Oh and the session too!  I have missed this hour that life kind of stops for us once a week. The best part was our season kick off was a session filmed by ABC News for a segment Karen Meyer will be running on this amazing place and everyone who dedicates a whole lot of time to our kids!

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The relaxed faces of my kids (and dogs) as they watch their favorite TV show.4Q3B8758 copy 4Q3B8755 copy 4Q3B8853 copy 4Q3B8850 copy 4Q3B8847 copy

Big kids who are making their own breakfast on the stove!4Q3B8829

Neighbors who bring beautiful flowers because she knows how much I love them.  Then follows it up with an amazing dinner. Pinch me.Untitled-1 copy

Last but not least. Annie Sloan paint.  Oh wow am I am in love.  I have had my brush in a quart of this all weekend.  Fully expect everything I own to be some shade of this beautiful matte paint by the end of the summer.  She had me at the first stroke of the brush.

4Q3B8839 copy



…and a porch that is calling my name.  A storm is brewing and we will be sleeping good tonight.

Happy Sunday. OX Katie