The home stretch and only a couple more days before the big guys comes!  The kids are out of control excited and to be honest we are too.

A whole ‘lotta this going on!

4Q3B8591 copy


and this.

4Q3B8564 copy


My husband and I had our own celebration on Saturday, just the 2 of us.  We started off with Madea (huge huge huge fan – did I say huge?) and ended with pizza and ice cold beers.  Just the way I like it!

I took my 2 “book-ends” (the oldest and the youngest) on a little date today.  We explored the snow and my son took a couple of these images.  I am amazed by his eye and ability to use my camera.  He is so talented! He took these beautiful shots!

4Q3B8860 copy




4Q3B8825 copy

I love them so much, mainly because he took them.  So I turned the lens on him because this birthday boy will be 12 in February!



4Q3B8948 copy

4Q3B8930 copy

4Q3B8620 copyHe is my “preteen”!  That is my favorite word, seriously.  He is growing up so fast and we only have 6 more years of raising him.  Not sure where the time went but I hope to make a lot more memories over the next 6 years.  I am already looking at colleges right down the road.  I am sure he will want to stay close right?

4Q3B8616 copyHe is a good big brother and my left hand when we are all together.  Grace is so lucky to have him, along with all the other boys.  I love watching that relationship grow.

4Q3B8625 copy


4Q3B8608 copy


4Q3B8604 copy


4Q3B8676 copy


4Q3B8684 copy

You can’t expect these kids to look this good in snow and not take them out for a treat.


This girl was out of control with her cookie.  She threw an epic fit when we tried to take the second half away.  She started screaming Mine!!  Cookie!! I guess that is one way to get clear words.

4Q3B8958 copyWishing you the happiest of holidays!  OXOX  Katie