Ever have that day that the sun is shining and you are crying over just how beautiful it is?  That was my day today…..Emotional on the inside.  Everything started out like any normal day would the only difference was my hubby was home for our tax appointment.  We spent the day running errands and checking things off the To-Do list.  It felt good but sweet little amazing things kept popping up and each time my heart just melted.


This parenting roller coaster I am riding sometimes takes me down drops that make my stomach feel completely nonexistent.  Then it brings highs that I thought were untouchable.  (Ok I am crying again)

 photo 4Q3B3555.jpg
I was thinking about the highs and lows today trying to make sense of it all.  I made a decision to try and remember when I am jetting for the bottom and I can not feel my stomach to really try and remember that it will pass and the highs that will come will be amazing.

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I watched my girl act so appropriately the last couple of days in public settings.  I know that sounds so silly but it is something I have never seen before.  When I say appropriately I mean engaging.  She engaged the room, used her words and asked for things that she wanted.  Answered yes or U-oh (no) when asked a question.  She made appropriate eye contact and she stood against the cabinets and ate her chips like everyone else did.  (crying again)

 photo 4Q3B3613.jpg


I watched my son Ryan proudly recite a bible verse that was longer then my arm and proceed to tell me he is a God person.  He said that he really likes God because he loves bible stories and singing God songs.  – From the mouth of Babes!  My babies.

 photo 4Q3B3608.jpg


My son Liam scored 98% on his math test!  A 98%! (crying) and last but not least my sons stand up for the R-Word on a regular basis.  They stand for their sister and all her friends every day.  Their strength is so humbling.  I am a proud Mama.

 photo 4Q3B3577.jpg


So we are riding the highs this week and I am crying over the good stuff happening.  Some of these milestones I was never quite sure we would reach.  Reminder 100,000,000 never underestimate your children!

 photo 4Q3B3623.jpg

My camera is out and I am using it again!  I have been so consumed with the new studio I have not been documenting our every day life and I am missing that.  Stay tuned to more real like images!

Happy Day everyone! Happy Happy Day!  How is your week?  I wanna hear!