Today was beautiful, even though it was not 85 degrees and even though I was not sitting on the beach it was good.  I fall for the hallmark part of this holiday every year.  I can’t help it.  I dream it out weeks before this special day comes.  I think about where I would like to be and how I would like to celebrate.  I even purchase a couple special things for myself for “Mothers Day” cause I figure I deserve it.  (Just keeping it real)

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The day comes and it is never exactly how I expect it to go down and for one very big reason I rarely communicate what I have dreamt over the past weeks.  HA!  I am one of those you should be able to read my mind type ladies.  It always turns out perfect though.  There is not a year I would change because this little hallmark holiday reminds me to stop and smell the flowers.  That I did today and it was good.

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We had a regular day.  I drove our Dani home this morning like I do every Sunday except this time we said goodbye for the summer.  She is returning home to Sweden for the summer holiday and we will miss her.  We always miss her when she is gone.

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As I drove back drinking my extra large cream and sugared coffee. (I treat myself well!) I started thinking about exactly how I wanted to spend the rest of the morning.  I really couldn’t come up with anything.  My thoughts wondered to the Mamas missing their babies today and at that moment the sunshine felt like a hug sent from above.  I was thankful those angels were looking out for their Mamas today and in return the rest of us got to enjoy a beautiful clear afternoon.

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We spent the day together.  It was ordinary.  We played in the front yard and we played in the back yard.  We built a fire and roasted hotdogs.  It felt like October and not May but I would not change a second of it.

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I am thankful for these silly little holidays and slow my mind down and remind me that what is important is right in front of me.

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Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas who were given beautiful bundles of joy however they received them!  Happy Mothers Day to all the women who make it their job to Mother others by lending a hand, providing support and caring.