You guys- I should say, good morning.  So good morning, you guys. It is a rainy and cold morning here in Chicago and Grace got up early with her brother Sean.  They were afraid to go downstairs by themselves so I rolled myself out of bed on this dark, dreary morning because I knew I had some work to get done before the festivities today.  Well what a gift Sean and Grace gave me.  Because of them I was able to feed the dogs, brew my coffee, light a fire in the fire place and skim through my emails.  There was a note in there that my mother had sent 3 days ago.
A note that said…..

“Saw these two at a concert last night – thought of CTFOB….”



I read this email when it came in and clicked on one of the links but didn’t have time to really listen and so I chose to wait for a better time.  A time when it have my full attention.  That was this morning.  Because I was up before the majority of my family I had the time to listen and what a lesson both these songs gave me.

They are WOW, aren’t they?  If you have a moment to listen to them with your full attention do it.  It is worth it.  Do you feel it?  Do you feel that little nudge to “Do Something” no matter what it is. Invite someone to do something that probably doesn’t have anything to do? Say something nice to another person because it will make them feel good?  Save the world?  Yeah.  I felt it too.  I want to “Do Something” too.  Funny how we have to have these reminders and thank goodness there are creative people in this world who consistently create ways to make us think about doing something.  We might think there are too many of these little reminders but I would have to say there is not enough.  We aren’t there yet and even when we get there we have to be reminded to stay.

So I got up out of my cozy chair next to the fire and started working.  I have things to do.  Important things. Then a friend sent me this…….

Ok is this a sign?  I took it as a sign that I must share this with you all.  Because I wanted to take all three of these things that I was lucky enough to wake up to, ball them up and throw them out into the universe.  They are all 3 excellent reminders of what is good.  Excellent reminders of what creativity and art can do to our brains, our minds and our hearts.

So Happy Halloween!  Go do it!  #choosekind #bekind #dosomething and #shine You are capable of doing all 3 for MANKIND.

OXO Katie