3 years old.  MY baby is 3 years young.  I can not believe it.  Time has flown and we are so proud to call her ours.  Just 3.5 years ago I went for my routine ultrasound with our 6th and final baby.  What was supposed to be routine turned another direction very quickly and in a matter of 2 hours we left with 5 markers for down syndrome and an amnio test being sent to the lab.

The next thing I remember was the phone call to my best friend Michelle.  I was so scared and madly googling Down Syndrome, Effects of Down Syndrome, Markers of Down Syndrome, you get the drift.  Days later it was confirmed that our 6th and final baby would be born with an extra 21st chromosome and it was time to prepare.  It was time to educate ourselves on what that meant for our baby and our family.

Just alittle dance move!  Love her.

Fast forward 3 years and we are in a beautiful place.  The tears are much less.  Our life is so much more fulfilling and our daughter, well she is just plain beautiful.  She is developing at her own pace and she continues to raise the bar all the time.  Walking is there but not consistent, we know that it will only be a matter of time before she is running after all her brothers.  She listens and sometimes obeys what we tell her.  She brushes her hair and tucks her babies in to sleep.  She has a contagious smile and a passion for blowing kisses.  She is my best friend.

Her birthday falls the week after Christmas and our house has been sick for weeks.  So today with the break in the weather we put on her birthday dress and celebrated her.

I love her pouty faces and her blue eyes.

This weekend we saw Angela, her sister and her 2 sweet boys.  From the second I saw her I could feel the tears.  Angela was there at a time I needed a friend, a friend who understood where I was at and where I was going.  She never told me that what I was feeling was wrong or right she gave me facts and she answered my questions.  She put me on the right path from the beginning and I am forever grateful.

Frankie and Grace met for the first time.  She was shy and he was oh so cool but we managed to capture a couple friendship kisses.  They make me so happy the two of them together.

My daughter continues to teach me and remind me that I am not in control of tomorrow.  I can control today.  We love you so very much Grace Kathryn!  Happy 3rd year to you! OXOXO