Oh this week has been one of those fill your cup up kind of weeks.  We celebrated Columbus day by working around the house.  Finishing projects and starting new ones.  My hubby was home and that just makes for a beautiful day.  I love the security of having him there.  The sun was shining and the kids had time to run and play outside.  Good stuff!


Today was even better because my cousin came to spend the day with Colin, Grace and I.  She brought her sweet Olivia and I got to snuggle her all afternoon.  My family is not close….they all live in other parts of the state so when I am given time with them it makes my heart jump a little bit.  A piece of me….my family….makes me happy.

We took the kids out to enjoy the fresh air.  When family comes we pull out the stops, drop everything, grab lunch and enjoy!  That is what today was…..2 Mamas, 3 kiddos, sunshine and a whole lotta’ pictures!   Life is good!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!