As I type this I have to say I am a bit sad.  Our Buddy Walk was a rain out…..  It was our families first time.  We had the tshirts, the banner and our friends and family…….and rain.   It is funny though as I look back over the day.  It started with a panic call to my parents to PLEASE pick up a tent……they arrived, with tent in hand and the sun peaked through the clouds.


The sun was beautiful and I truly believe it was a special message to 2 Mamas who were missing their sweet Angel Eli today.  Eli gave us a wonderful hour and a half to catch up with new and old friends and to celebrate with Rachel Coleman! YAY!

To dance….and celebrate that amazing extra chromosome that brings us all together.  The one that reminds us all that everyone is more alike then different.  A friend once told me that Grace was my ticket.  It was so sweet the way she said it and it caught me off guard.  I think about that a lot….the fact that she is my ticket and how that comment is perfectly said.  So perfect I want to say it to all the moms and dads I meet that have a child with that rocking extra chromosome or any other disability for that matter.  Our children are our ticket.  They open so many doors for us……big huge doors with awesome people and opportunity behind them.  Today was one of those doors.  It is awesome to see families and friends come together to celebrate one thing and today that was Down Syndrome.

If I look back just one year ago those words were still hard for me to say.  I never wanted my daughter to be defined by those 2 words.  I wanted people to see more than her diagnosis and I still do, but I have grown….. and so has my family.  Down Syndrome is ok… fact it is great!  I am proud to be a Mom of 6 children and even prouder to be a part of the community of families that love someone with Down Syndrome and Grace is and always will be our ticket into this beautiful community and for that, I am very thankful.

My family

So we might not have “Walked” this year, but we were there!  We were accounted for….. and next year we will walk!  It is funny how kids bounce right back…….we stopped for a special dinner since plans changed so quickly and they were good.

I swear girlfriend was trying to text her buddies and say what the heck happened! That rain came out of no where! Seriously!!!

Pizza, coloring and all was good!  Me well it will take a bit…..I am already planning for next year in my mind.  The banner and t-shirts WILL be used!  But I am going to bed thankful tonight, thankful for all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet today and for my family and friends who rallied for my little girl.  Lifes good and that is all that matters anyway!

Happy Monday!