A week of crazy good stuff!  School has started and we are knee deep….1 field trip down, successful lunch packing and a broken arm all in the first week of school.  Just when you think things are running like a well oiled machine, it breaks! HA!  Thankfully I have strong resilient boys that can take one for the team and get back up.  Like the Nurse at the hospital told my Sean…..life is all about turning lemons into lemon-aid.  I have heard that a million times but when I heard it last night I smiled.  You are right.  Life is about turning lemons into lemon-aid…..you only have one life, one chance and lemon-aid is for sure the best way to go.

A broken arm the first week of school

So here they are 4 boys on the way to school!

Our boys ready for school


This is a big year for our family.  More then half of the kids are now enrolled in full-time school.  We have a Kindergartener, 1st grader, 3rd grader and 5th grader.  I am proud…..

Our Kindergarter


Our 1st Grader


Our 3rd Grader

Our 5th grader

As they ran to the bus my stomach turned….all the worries I have for all my kids came flooding out.  There were tears but happy ones.  I know they are all ready….and they will do fine.  Ryan runs in the door every day telling me how much he loves school!  I am not going to lie I have already sent notes and asked insiders  how he is doing.  I can’t help myself….I want him to succeed so badly!  All reports come back with thumbs up!  So all is well.

Our boys loading the bis for the first day of school

Once the boys were gone the work began here at home.  I have lots of work to do with Colin to prepare him for Kindergarten as well as working on Graces muscle tone.  I honestly cannot wait for her to walk!

Today we missed the bus.  Another bump in the road. HA! The kids and I returned home and Grace decided today was the day she would walk with her stroller!  Pushing her baby doll!  I have waited for a year and a half for her to do just this.  At her first birthday she received a stroller and I remember thinking in the back of my mind….when will she be able to use this.  At that time there was no crawling let alone walking.  She was still so tiny and her muscle strength was not there.  As her 2nd birthday approached I remember standing her up behind it but there still was nothing.  There was no movement and it was difficult for her to even balance holding on.  Today I celebrate! My heart is bursting….seriously bursting!  MY baby girl took steps!  Lots of steps and talked while she did it!


Milestones like these are amazing!  The texts went out…I had to broadcast to everyone I know.  This is big!  This is really really big in our little life!

Big news!  It was such a wonderful surprise to see Changing the Face of Beauty featured in the Chicago Parent Magazine!  Best part is to be on 2 full pages!  We are blessed that so many people believe in this campaign!  Steve and I are beyond thrilled to see all our beautiful models featured inside such amazing magazines like Chicago Special Parent!

I am happy to announce to all you southside Chicago families!  There is a Gigis Playhouse in the planning for Oak Forest, IL!  I knew when I heard about it that I could not WAIT to find out more!   This is something that is so needed!  So important for all families who have a loved one with that sweet extra chromosome!  So please consider coming out and supporting their first fundraiser! It is easy!  All you have to do is eat Custard!  YUM!  Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012
2 Sisters Frozen Custard
4734 147th St. (Midlothian)
4pm – 6-m
Cash and Check only – There will also be T-shirts and Sweatshirts Available for purchase!
Also!  Great time to start planning ahead for the holidays!  Jens Wreaths would love the opportunity to help you decorate!  They have a fantastic selection of Large Fresh Christmas Wreaths.  They are offering to donate 5.00 for every wreath purchased to a Reeses Rainbow family!  So this is a great way to decorate your home as well as help these wonderful families who are trying to bring their child home over the holidays!  Please type in the coupon code 5boysand1girlmake6 at the check out.
So if you need a fresh wreath! Please consider checking them out!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Soak in this sun….there is nothing better then the beginning of fall!  In my eyes anyway!  Happy Day!