Getting away….

We are big believers in date night here, my hubby and I.  We look forward to it every week  There are times here and there where life gets in the way and we can not get a night out together but for the most part every week you will find us sliding out the front door to the car to go to dinner together.  We decided this was important early on in our marriage,  WAY before 6 kiddos.

Celebrating Our Anniversary: Spending time together with my husband on long weekend


We can always tell when we have missed a date night because tension grows and nerves  thin.  Often times when that happens we look at each other and say we need a night out!  After you have more then 3 children it is difficult to ask people to come and stay with your children because you and your husband need a vacation.  I totally get that and so that is why it is been a little over 10 years since we have been anywhere over night without the kids!

Well that changed this weekend.  My parents were kind enough to come and stay with our 6 children as well packed our car and headed to Michigan for the weekend.  What a sweet blessing this weekend was.

We took our time driving there….stopping off in small towns for a view of the lake or an outlet mall.  We listened to the music we wanted to listen to and we talked.  It was great to recharge our batteries and the only worry was what we wanted to eat or drink.  We slept in, took long morning walks and drank lots of coffee.
We were lucky enough to have friends that could meet us there…..we enjoyed ourselves!  There were trips to deli’s and afternoon beer gardens.  Walks on the beach and shopping.

Celebrating Our Anniversary: Spending time together with my husband on long weekend

The best part about the whole trip was remembering why I like this guy I married.  I really like him and I love spending time with him, with or without the kids.  After 12 years of marriage I feel good that I can say that.  Recharging weekly or monthly is so very important to us.  Life is busy and hard at times, it is so easy to grow apart.  I am so thankful we have had the hundreds of date nights over the years to work on our friendship and to keep it strong.

Celebrating Our Anniversary: Spending time together with my husband on long weekend

We missed the kids a lot and realized the reason why we love our little vacation spot is because of the kids…..they make it loud and a lot of fun.  This weekend we did not have to worry about changing a diaper or what we were cooking for dinner.  We were able to sit back, relax and notice beautiful things we had not noticed before.

Things l LOVE in Michigan

Celebrating Our Anniversary: Spending time together with my husband on long weekend

Shadows in the sand

Beach: Loving shadows in the sand

Beach stairs….

Michigan Vacation: Loving the looks of an old beach staircase


Beach: Loving foot prints in the sand

Funny squirrels…..

Michigan Vacation: Loving the animal visitors

Lake time…..

Michigan Vacation:  Enjoying vacation on Michigan time


Michigan Vacation: Spending time with friends

Everything is ALWAYS alright in Michigan…..

Michigan Vacation:  Loving time with friends

and…….Froehlich’s Iced Tea in a Mason Jar!!!!!

It is going to take me some time to get back in the groove….I am still in vacation mode and longing to return to Michigan with our kids!  I can’t wait to share with you some exciting things I have coming up…..for now I have a group of boys waiting outside to fire up the bonefire and roast some marshmellows so I am signing off!

Happy Monday and don’t forget to connect with those closest to you! There is a reason you said, “I do”… is so very worth it!


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