Here we are looking forward to yet another spring weekend! I am looking forward to it….this week has been, well…. not like I expected.  It started off fantastic, kinda like when you are standing on the edge of the diving board looking down at a beautiful pool of crystal blue water.   You are standing there waiting for the moment to make your first breathtaking dive into that pool.  The first dive of the year.  You bounce a couple of times, just to remember how fun that diving board is and to make it look like you are warming up.  Then you take that big jump up in the air  but something goes wrong…the board double bounces, you are caught off guard and that Olympic dive turns into a back yard belly flop.  You get the drift!  That is where we were at this week.

Spending time in the backyard with family

The funk was running through the house.  My husband and I were less then patient and the kids were feeling it.   Oh the eb and flow…..LIFE!  It is rough sometimes.  Those bumps in the road…..  6 months from now it will seem like a nothing, but this week felt like we were traveling over pot holes that completely blew our tires right off the car!  You know, pot holes that make you question if you are even on the right road!  The thought of getting the map out and finding another way is just exhausting until you are so tired of being tossed around in the car you pull that crazy map out and find a road that will be a smoother ride.  That is where we are right now.  We will get there but no one told me it was going to be so hard.

Special needs and family: Spending time together

Friendly visitor in the backyard.

So I did what any Mother would do!  I flipped on Ellen, got on the treadmill, cooked and baked my butt off and hit the Target store for some retail therapy!  Oh yeah, I  pulled out the big guns!  It took me a couple days to work out this funk and it is still there but thankfully not on the surface anymore.  I can see over the hill and it is looking good.

Family and Special needs: Spending time together in the backyard

Oh yes!  Stack full of PJ’s!! A set for everyone in the house!  I do not mess around, PJ’s in and funk out! Thanks Kelle Hampton!

I was so thankful for the sun today!  It was the perfect day.  The breeze  blowing through the house, the kids worked hard on their programs and therapy and tonight I enjoy a fire with my husband while the boys watch Gremlins.  LOVE!

Special needs:  Daughter brushing her hair into a new style

Special needs:  Daughter brushing her hair into a new style

In between the excitement of the girls (AKA Judy and Eileen – the chickens) taking their free range status to a new level in the neighbors yard and the dog getting out and chasing Eileen right over the fence in fear!  The kids and I took time out.  The boys even made their own lemon aid stand and sold a cup before I even knew they were open for business!  That is good stuff!  That is what this parenting is about.  That is the reward.

Living life with family and special needs

oh yes…we use corona boxes for lemonaid stands!  Just keeping it real!

Living life with family and special needs through good times and bad

Special needs: understanding our amazing childrne

Oh how I wish I had all the answers to all the questions I have in my head.  Trusting my instinct is all I can do and it usually never leads me astray.  This parenting is hard stuff.  We are only holding our children’s future in our hands!!!  I guess there is comfort knowing that I am not alone.  There are millions of us out there all questioning what the next step will be.  Grabbing that dusty old map from the back seat and discussing when and where we need to go.    It gives me a new respect for my parents and their parents, heck anyone who is a parent and raised their children to adulthood.  I just wanna know how they did it!  How they made the decisions they made,  and how many of their decisions were wrong?  Someone really needs to put out a yellow book “Parenting for Dummies”!  I would so buy it!

Family and Special needs: taking time out for one another

Sister can rock a hair-do!  She loves nothing more then to get her hands on a brush!

Living life the fullest through special needs and family

I know in my heart if I love my kids and try my best it will all work out.  Love conquers a lot of things and I am counting on that.  The only thing I can control is here and now.  We will make it, we will make it as a family.  I am not saying it will be the smoothest ride but we will get there, where ever there is!Loving live with 5 boys and 1 girl

oh yes….it is time to plant the garden!  Now that is something to look forward to!

On a side note I am CRAZY for Instagram!  Are any of you using it out there?  It is another amazing way to connect with others!  SO FUN!  If you have an account look me up @5boysand1girlmake6!

Children and special needs: Making them feel important

Be kind and notice someone, someone you have not noticed before.  Happy Weekend!!!!