This last week has been a whirl wind and no matter how many times I say I really want to enjoy every second of 2014 and appreciate the moment it is not realistic.  It is not the way my blood flows.  I am 100 miles an hour all day, every day because I am a mom of 6, a business owner and somewhere in there an advocate for all children and young adults of all abilities that should be included in advertising.  Yep all rolled into one and I embrace it all.  That is what makes me, me.

Looking back over the amazingness of these past 5 days my heart is full.  As I wrote in my post about Gail  our family is beyond lucky to be surrounded by so many well rounded people who make our world as colorful as it is.

So here goes….our happiness.

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I could go on and on about this lady but we have been friends since the days of college, when I literally rolled out of bed, dressed and made it to class in the nic of time only to sit next to this smiling personality.  She was and still is such a good friend that she knew not to talk to me until 10:00 am.  I have since grown and accept calls at any time of the day or night. I can also survive on WAY less sleep but she still remains THAT friend.  I love her and it was so special to spend her 40th birthday at dinner with her and her husband.

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To make the weekend even more amazing I was able to slip out and do some shopping at one of my favorite stops.  This awesome fedora was calling my name for $1.50.  I do what I can to support the Salvation Army.4Q3B0613 2 copy


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Then to top the week off we spent Tuesday with one of the kindest people I know.  Monica of Monica + Andy as well as her staff and husband.  From the second we spoke I knew there was something special about her.  She shared my same concern about children of all abilities not being represented in advertising and to be honest she could not believe it.  She plans to continue to show case her fashions on all children regardless of ability!

Monica was interviewed about her choice to include Grace in her fashion line launch this past fall.  Karen Meyer, the reporter is the picture of what is possible regardless of obstacles.  She advocates every day for people who happen to have a disability, that is her passion.  Karen is the only reporter I know that interviews and reports on television with a severe hearing impairment.  Karen can not hear but you would never know it.  She inspires me every time I meet her.

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The best part of having the opportunity to stretch into other neighborhoods and communities is the opportunity for my daughter to spread her wings and make new friends.  I honestly can not tell you how beautifully these two are together. Hugging and kissing (and pinching and a little pushing…cause they are kids right?) just being themselves.  They both have sparky personalities and love to be a part of their Mama’s day.

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(She even shared her Daddy! BONUS!)

So with that friends I am signing off!  This mama is tired and tomorrow I will put all the extras aside and have a little fun with my boys!  It is over due.

A quick announcement!  I am thrilled to tell you the Changing the Face of Beauty and IDSC (International Down Syndrome Coalition) have partnered for a 2014 event that will take place here in Chicago in August.  I will be sharing the details as they are all finalized!  I can’t wait!



Happy Hump Day! OXOX