The weekend was amazing. The weather was perfect and the company even more perfect. Does that even sound right? It really was though. It was a weekend where we spent time with our friends. Friends we see a lot and friends we don’t see as much. Bliss, complete Bliss.

A boy that LOVES his chicken, just loves her!

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side…

– Unknown
It is crazy how we grow…. some friends stay the same and some are different. Some friends we see daily and some maybe not even yearly but they are the spice to our life. The cherry on top of our sundae and I so appreciate them.

Our Family Chickens:  Life with the backyard chicken

The girls had a little field trip.  The boys left for a movie with their Dad and next thing I knew phone was ringing.  It was my neighbor calling to tell me the girls were pecking away at her garden!

Whether times are good or bad it is always better to have your peeps to share them with. Although I am a mom of 6 kiddos I cherish the time spent with these special people.

Fundraiser supporting people with disabilities

Fundraiser supporting people with disabilities

Fundraiser supporting people with disabilities

Fundraiser supporting people with disabilities

We had an amazing time celebrating at the kick off party for I AM WHO I AM, a foundation supporting the acceptance of all children! We laughed, hugged and met new amazing mommas that happen to share something in common. They too love their sweet children and want to wrap up in the love and support our community offers. We are so lucky….. so lucky that we live in a community where people are accepting and supporting others.

Celebrating life: reuniting with friends from college

To make things better my friend from college came to visit and WOW! It was great! It has been 17 years since I had last seen my friend Aaron.  It might as well have been yesterday. We laughed and laughed….. we stayed up late on the front porch drinking coffee and talking.  It is just what I needed to recharge the batteries.  It was a “staycation” but sure felt like a vacation.

It was the perfect night….just cool enough where you needed a blanket….. but the rain fell on the roof and we listened and remembered. We remembered where we were 17 years ago! I wish I could remember where are those darn years went!  I love that….. when you reconnect with friends that have always been friends but paths were going in different directions then one day the stars and moon align and the paths take a u-turn and they collide into each other. That causes fireworks! Love is all I have too say and love you Aaron!

Celebrating life: reuniting with friends from college

Celebrating life: reuniting with friends from college

Spontaneous dance parties that just happen when you are with good friends!  ROCK!

The best part of the weekend happened to be how it started….because I grew. I grew a lot. Like, I went from a toddler to a big girl in the blink of an eye. As discussed here, we had a meeting. We had a meeting and talked about exactly what had been communicated and how. My husband explained why were were concerned and I explained the expectations we have for our sweet girl. As I thought about it I knew in my heart that what was trying to be given on that day was an explanation….. an explanation to children so they could understand Liams sister. What was not given was our expectations. Well that was communicated so beautifully this past friday. My husband and I came together as a team and shared our love for our daughter and how beautiful her life is now and will continue to be. We shared how we will not limit anything she does nor will do to text book definitions. We explained it is important to lift our daughter up along with any child or adult with a disability not bring them down. We explained every day is a new day.  A day of hope because without hope what would we have. Really, what would life be, for any of us?

We left the meeting satisfied. I left the meeting grown up. I did not cry and I know we are all in a better place because of that meeting! I told my husband this is a start of a new beginning.  I know most people do not mean to hurt with their words, their words just come out wrong. It is our job to help make them right. We will, it is our duty and we will answer the call!

Lego popcycle for kids: Homemade with organic orange juice

Homemade orange juice Lego Pop! YUMMY!  Kids love them!

As Ellen Degenerous says……Be nice to one another. (I love that)

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