We are an entire week into our new schedule and even with the running from 4pm – 6:30pm for soccer and martial arts things are feeling good.  Lunches are packed and tucked into backpacks every morning with time to spare for a little kick around with the soccer ball before the bus comes.  That means success to me.

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I can’t say this week has been the smoothest for me.  There have been a couple big bumps in the road.  Life lessons that smacked me right in the face.  Actually took the wind right out of my sail.  They were unexpected and they were my fault.  I am constantly learning not to put the cart before the horse, check my “i’s” and cross my “t’s”, and pay  attention to detail as my lawyer husband would say.  Something consistently forget to do.

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Along with….the back to school bumps in the road and a preteen who is now shaving (how that is possibly I do not know??) life seems just a little over whelming right now.  Hence the need for a 4:00pm ice cream stop / dance party.  It was a necessity.

Thank goodness for new opportunity to do better and lets face it…something else to think about!  I am SO excited about The Mighty Acorn and Changing the Face of Beauty project scheduled for Sept 15 and 16th.  17 gorgeous girls who will prove that all children of all abilities are beautiful especially when they are given the opportunity to be photographed together.  These girlies will knock your socks off!


I am looking forward to the opportunity to come together with most of the people behind the scenes working and planning to make this event special for these little girls.  It takes a village to stimulate change and I will be working with a pretty strong one.  I can’t wait to see how many people these girls influence.  More to come so stay tuned!

So tonight after a little impromptu date with my eldest and youngest. I am invited to Kim Kardashians wedding (thank you on demand) with my chocolate/carmel candy bar and my pjs.  Happy hump day! OX Katie