Today my husband and I watched as a big beautiful family said good-bye to their youngest member, their little sister.  It is hard to say good-bye, it just is.  Even when it is, till we see each other again, it is still hard.  I feel like we have been in this position way too much lately.  I know way too many Mama’s who have had to say good-bye to their children.  Today as the priest spoke he recognized how difficult it was to loose the baby of the family and he talked about birth order and how so many things are defined by the birth position you hold within your family.  He proceeded to talk about how life moves forward and for good reason.  He explained that we can always remember our loved ones are present in our lives all the time.  Their presence is represented in the signs of beauty and life all around us.  Today in the middle of December he explained there was a yellow rose blooming right outside the church and that he said was just one small sign that their baby sisters spirit remains here on earth and in the hearts of all that loved her.  I love that…..and I am taking that with me.  There is a reason we are here today and we need to carry on for that reason alone.


Something very special happened today.  Today the billboard representing IDSC for life and Changing the Face of Beauty went up.  There were a lot of people who spent a lot of time and money to make this happen and today our messages grace the expressway outside one of the largest airports in the United States.  Today all the Moms, Dads, family members and friends that love and care for an individual who happens to be living with that extra magical chromosome are making a difference.  They are spreading the word that there is beauty and value in their life and it could not have come at a better time.

This photo was taken by the proud Papa and husband to these 2 gorgeous girls!

There are changes coming to prenatal care.  Big changes that answer big questions very early on in a women’s pregnancy.  There are tests that will soon be released giving parents a very accurate determination of whether or not a child will have specific genetic conditions, Down Syndrome being one of them.  IDSC as well as Changing the Face of Beauty support the choice to have these tests.  We both feel that all families should have the ability to know with certainty whether or not their child will be born with one of these conditions if they wish to know.  What we do not support is the pressure that is often placed on families to terminate a pregnancy.  We both feel it is important to be able to make that decision individually.  So through our national billboard campaign we hope to show the world that our children do have value and to encourage medical professionals to remain neutral when it comes to the choice of termination of a pregnancy.  We also hope to encourage acceptance, by placing our beautiful children on billboards for all to see.  We hope by doing that our country will see that they are way more then the diagnosis they were born with.  They are individuals with beautiful personalities and smiles that light up an expressway.

So that is where the beauty lies today.  It lies in the details…..the yellow rose, the billboard and the Christmas programs.  My husband and I are blessed to have all these children and part of that blessing is the ability to attend multiple Christmas programs.  I was a proud Mama as I watched Mary ride in on a donkey with Joseph by her side.  I had no idea my Seany would be playing this role.  It was so sweet to watch him take his role so seriously.  My heart melted and I thought of the families in CT who will not have the same opportunity this Christmas.  This tragedy has opened hearts and people are sharing the love they have by giving back in more ways then one.  There is beauty in their support and actions and through that outpouring of love healing will begin.

Sean Christmas at Farm from katie driscoll on Vimeo.

These last two months have been difficult for more reasons then one.  I have thoughts each night that I would like to share but some how I feel they are just not significant in comparison to the pain others are feeling.  Today I have clarity, although my heart aches for my friends that are beginning the process of healing I believe there are signs all around us.  Signs that remind us to keep pushing on,  to continue to extend a helping hand and signs to make the most of the moments we are given.  So that I plan to do.  Christmas is almost here…..the magic and the meaning will be revealed in just 5 days.

I can’t wait!  OXOX