We are adjusting to the new year and new schedules.  Now that school is back in session and the winter vortex has subsided.  We have been living in a deep freeze for the past 3 days and I am feeling the need to get out and speed my wings.  I am looking forward to a jam packed weekend of work.  The holidays were dedicated to family and so I put a lid on creating anything outside of gingerbread houses.  So the pot is simmering and I am looking forward to the opportunity to unleash it!


Unfortunately with the end of our holiday break comes sickness and I am heading out to the doctor tonight with 3 of the 6 kids.  I have a little love who has attached herself to me and I can just tell is miserable.  She and I were up all night trying to get her comfortable.  Thank goodness for coffee because that is about all I have going for me today.

4Q3B0345 copy


4Q3B0340 copy

Yesterday my middle son and I made our way to a special outing and as you can see from the pictures this little guy was thrilled to be skating on this big beautiful rink all by himself.

4Q3B0314 copy


4Q3B0322 copy

So tonight I will continue to snuggle these little ones and look forward to healthier days ahead!  I am itching to start some valentines day crafts.  I have a stack of red felt calling my name!

4Q3B0338 copy


4Q3B0329 copy

A couple more things that have my fire going are the upcoming IDSC Meet ups!  They are for International Down Syndrome Coalition and they are across the country!  Check them out. We went last year and had a BLAST!  The registration cut off is Jan 20th so get your room now!



Our group in Wisconsin last year!

Also if you are local I decided this year to give back to my fellow photogs!  I am holding a beginner class called Coffee & Camera’s on Jan 25th at my studio here in Palos IL!  I only have 2 more spots left and it will be filled to the rim!  If there is enough interest I will be offering one in Feb!  The exciting thing is that I will be launching a private Facebook mentoring group for my workshop attendees to continue to grow their art together!  I will be the administrator and will remain available for questions.  How fun is that!  So feel free to inbox me if you are interested @ tkdriscoll2000@yahoo.com


Happy Hump Day everyone! Make it great!