I have been writing this post in my head over the past couple days.  Thinking about these words “Exceptional Life”.  These words can be a beautiful expression but they can also stress a person out.  A dear friend of ours told us about a self help seminar and my husband and I attended some months back.  It was life changing as well as encouraging.  We loved it.  It helps for someone else to tell you that everyone has some sort of baggage and it is ok to let go and live your own unique story.  So we have been marching to that drum for sometime now.  Let things go, moving on, cherishing relationships and living an exceptional life.

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That is all good but I struggle with what exceptional life really means.  My husband throws it  out all the time.  Asking me if I want to live exceptionally and I am often like, huh?  I thought I was.  This has been on my mind for awhile now.  What the heck is the definition of “exceptional life”?  (this post could turn into a drinking game….drink every time I say exceptional)  Who writes the definition?  I have come to the conclusion that we write our own definition and because of the person I am, my definition changes from day to day.  I can’t help it.  I am not a person who can consistently stay in the same place.  My mind wanders all.the.time.

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I am positive I am living exceptionally (drink)!  The definition of exceptional life today is that I accomplished a fantastic therapy/program for my 3 home schoolers and then I followed my curiosity to JC Penny to check out Tori Spellings new line of children’s cloths (Little Maven) that I am absolutely in love with.   Then I picked up a sickie from school and hugged on him for a little bit until he recovered enough to run him through the Home Depot to pick up some supplies for a studio spruce up project.  Tonight I will throw in a pizza for the kids and celebrate the weekend with my hubby over a glass of wine and some awesome art at “Art Friday ” held by The Garden Gallery and Studio.

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Some days the definition is a clean house, laundry done and a loaf of pumpkin bread in the oven.  Others are days of learning and growing in my career.  Every single one of these things defines an exceptional life to me.  So I have decided to stop beating myself up, stop searching for what tomorrow will bring.  All those things will come if I am enjoying my here and now.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for.  I feel contentment in what ever I may be doing and to me that is my “Exceptional” life.

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So three cheers for friday, for apple orchards, pumpkin latte’s and big piles of leaves on the front lawn.  We are taking this weekend in.  I can’t wait!

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On a side note I am so excited to announce that we have a Gigi’s Playhouse locally now.  It has been wanted and needed in our community for years now.  I had the opportunity to hang some of my images there and help them cover their windows with beautiful faces.  I created a little video to show the love that went into this awesome place on opening day.