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Today was a gorgeous day….kind of like yesterday.  We slept with the windows open and I had a bit of a spring in my step this morning.  We moved a bit smoother and the kids got out the door before the bus arrived at the end of our driveway.  I love when they are ready before they need to be.  Just makes for a happier start to their school day.  My husband and I discussed Birthday plans for our 2nd oldest, Patrick and then the dreaded comment came….like a scratch in the record.  He said, “You know, this house is a mess.”  WHATTTTT!  I so did not need that.

Homeschooling; teaching children to read through flashcards

Alittle Flashcard action…..

Homeschooling; teaching children to read through flashcards

Homeschooling; teaching children to read through flashcards


Why is it when our man tells us that our house is messy it is like a dagger to our heart and our self image.  Seriously, when my husband says that, he might as well call me a complete failure.  I know when my house is not as neat and tidy as it should be but I also kind of ignore it for a week or so until it is unbearable. (Is that really all that bad?)  So I am not sure why all the drama is there.  I mean I know the house is not clean but I live in a world of….it kind of is.  I mean it looks really clean at night when there is no sun shining in the windows to magnify the dust that just might be so thick you could write a book report in it.

Homeschooling; teaching children to read through flashcards

Homeschooling; teaching children to read through flashcards

I needed a break anyway. A break from the computer….from the comments of media happy individuals mocking people who happen to have disabilities.  I just do not get it.  People slip up all the time and they usually apologize.  Not this time….So instead of feeling bad I chose to do something about it.  I get the drift…..my hubby works hard and he deserves to come home to a clean house and I like nothing more then to have it clean.  So I sprinkled some fairy dust around the place…..(I wish the picture was a bit like fairy dust, actually I rolled up my sleeves and scrubbed the floors.)  Worked some program with the kids and hit the road for some retail therapy at IKEA!  It’s done and it feels good.  I am ready for the weekend.

Family time; heathy snacks


Very excited to be attending the “Funding for Futures” fundraiser supporting Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation.  Even more excited to see some of our models from “Changing the Face of Beauty” displayed.  We are thrilled to be a part of such an important event.  There are still tickets available at www.abcrsvp.com/dsrtf and you can also support the event bidding on items up for auctions http://dsrtf.auction-bid.org/.

I had to share this video…..a video that is traveling at the speed of lighting across the internet.  My hope is that it is seen by everyone.  We can all advocate for our loved ones but no one can advocate better then a self advocate.  Meet John Franklin Stephens (“Frank”).  He stood up to Ann Coulter.  He made his voice heard and there are no words to express how this makes me feel.   Way to go Frank, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Play this for your children, your husband and your friends.  Frank will tell you exactly how it feels to hear the R-word.  He will explain to you that he DOES take it personally and so do his friends.  This video is a wakeup call to Ms Coulter as well as our country reminding everyone it is not ok to joke about individuals who happen to have disabilities.


Just so you know some of your favorite stores are sending Ann Coulter money to continue to run her mouth.  If this makes you mad consider contacting them via Facebook or through their website and let them know it is NOT ok to fund such hatred and discrimination.  Let them know how you really feel.  Frank sure did!

Fisher Price
American Family Insurance
Hertz Car Rental

Happy Weekend…..make it great and don’t forget to be nice to one another.




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