I have been thinking a lot lately about details.  This is long over due but a couple of weeks ago in the midst of finishing quite a few projects I had running at the same time balls were falling left and right.  I was tired and overwhelmed.  As I was preparing for a morning session one of the moms sent me a note, “I am stopping at Starbucks would you like a cup?”  Normally I would say no because I never wanted to inconvenience anyone even though I am ALWAYS dying for a cup of coffee.  Not that day. “Yes, plain coffee with cream would be great!” I said.



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That simple cup of coffee changed my whole morning.  My whole day I think.  What is that?  The littlest of detail can really rearrange all frustration going on around you.  I seriously was emotional about that cup of coffee.  The fact that she thought about me and took the time to reach out and ask and that morning it meant a whole lot.


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We brought the details into my studio this weekend.  It feels fresh and springy in there.  It makes me happy.

Those details are things that go on every single day and sometimes just completely go unnoticed but not that morning.  I have been trying to check in to those lately.  The little things my husband does to make my day run smoothly.  The moments my sons lean in for an extra hug.  A smile.  There really are a whole lot of these special details going on around us that check us into the “Life is good” state of mind.




Life is good and hard.  In fact really hard sometimes but as I told my son while we sat in the McDonalds parking lot as he sobbed after leaving our good friends celebration of life, we are the lucky ones.  We are lucky to have known her for the 4 short years we had.  Some people never have the opportunity to have someone as amazing as she was in their life.  I then went on with the Life is good, even when our hearts are broken in half we are still promised a new day, a new journey and direction to find our new happy or at least comfort.  I really believe it is true.

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It is all in the details of every day life like a grassy hills, Trader Joes flowers, or an ice cold Corona to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.  So we are searching for our happy and comfort but it is so easy to do when we focus on the details and not how far we have to go.

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I had the pleasure of doing a little product review for aden + anais.  I love their products as well as their mission to include children of all abilities in their advertising.  They reached out to me for help with their casting call and they received such an outpouring of beautiful faces of all abilities.  I am super excited to see the images from their shoot!

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They sent Grace this amazing 47 x 47 100% cotton muslin dream blanket.  It is a dream.  The patterned bunnies and bears are precious.  It has not left Grace’s hand since we opened the box.  It is so light and cozy.  It is just her size.  In fact it is just my size!  The perfect lap blanket.  She cuddled up on my new studio couch this afternoon.  We both are huge fans!

Happy Monday friends!