What a week is all I have to say.  My cup is full and almost over flowing.  It began with a sweet girl in my studio and ended with a trip to a beautiful place with tons of possibility.  What more could a person ask for.  Just thankful that my cards fell where they did.  It is not luck the people we meet in this world.  There is a purpose for every relationship and I am aware.

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I have never known a family during thier adoption process.  I have met plenty after but I never personally knew someone who traveled across the globe to meet their child for the first time while it was happening, not until I met Natalie.  I feel so lucky to have met her when I did and even luckier to be a part of the crowd cheering her on and waiting to meet that sweet girl.  It was pretty amazing and I told Natalie when she brought  Sara for pictures that she must have been born a Mama because she so has this in the bag.

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They are perfectly perfect and I love watching them together.  Sara is amazing…. for a child who has never been to school, early intervention or loved by a Mama she is good.  She is better then good.  My girl fell in love with her new friend and it was so fun to watch her mesmerize  herself in everything Sara did.  She was right there and trying to figure out how to do the same thing.  Sara is such a caring girl she helped and encouraged Grace to keep up.  It was beyond precious and I will be honest my heart was bursting inside to see them play so playfully together.  (Natalie’s Blog)

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Today I spent time visiting the Garden Center and last week the Garden Gallery and Studio with Grace and Colin.  I walked the halls and met the day program participants and the residents.  There is so many good things going on there.  A facility started from the love of a group of parents is humbling to say the least.  The story is inspiring and I will be sharing that with you as part of my World Down Syndrome Day post because guess what?  We will be celebrating that next week and I will be traveling to Memphis to wrap that week with 2 Mamas I hold so much respect for and we will be rocking out IDSC style!

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(The other half of the gallery staff)

I sit here tonight with a big glass of wine and a smile.  Life is good and full!

Before I go I want to share with you another sweet boy who needs a family.  He needs someone to wake up to.  Someone to hang pictures of him in the living room.  He needs holidays and weekends with friends and family.  Please take a moment to read about him and share with your friends.  You never know by that one click of the mouse, it just might change his life.

I introduce you to Tyshawn

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Tyshawn is a dynamic and energetic little guy who is looking forward to meeting you. He is gregarious and loves to be active for an audience. Tyshawn was born in December of 2009 and is of African-American descent. He loves one to one attention and lots of hugs. Tyshawn is affectionate and loves to cuddle. This little fellow enjoys attention and is determined to enjoy what life can offer. He smiles and babbles and wraps himself up with his own tubes. He is not yet of school age but loves to grab, pull, and investigate his surroundings.

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Tyshawn is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Atrial Septal Defect, Chronic Lung Disease, Congenital hypothyroidism, G-tube dependent, and Trachea dependent. Tyshawn still requires assistance in all daily living skills. He is active and can scoot himself on all fours but is non-ambulatory at this time. He expresses discomfort by crying and pleasure with smiles and facial expressions; he babbles  for communication. “

He does well with his trach and g-tube. There is no preference to family type, so single and married households can pursue him. No preference on other children in the house as well. Tyshawn will come with a subsidy that will travel out of state with him. He has no behaviors at this time.

Please watch 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook for regular updates as I get them.  If you would like to be connected to the caseworker please email me at tkdriscoll2000@yahoo.com

Grace and I promise to get back to you immediately!

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He is important and he needs someone to love him.  Please help us find him a family.

May YOUR cup continue to be half full.  OXOXO