When I think about confidence I think of the foundation I would like my children to grow on.  I think about all the things they can do with a good strong foundation of confidence.  I am so excited to announce that the Mighty Acorn Foundation has asked me to partner with them share their message.  They believe in empowering children of all abilities, shapes, colors and backgrounds.  They firmly believe that anything is possible.   A match made in heaven.

I feel so blessed to be working with an organization that continually advocates for children in Kitale, Kenya as well as here in the United States.  Here is just the beginning of what they are doing.

Mighty Acorn Foundation ~ An Introduction from One Lucky Guitar, Inc. on Vimeo.


We will be putting together the most amazing shoot using 15-20 young girls of all abilities, ethnicities and backgrounds to model for 20 amazing designers.  The results will be breath taking, I promise.   All children of all abilities should be represented in advertising. All.the.time.  This project will communicate why!

Mighty Acorn founder Denise DeMarchis (founder of MAF and Matilda Jane Clothing)….

“I’ve learned that living a life with regrets is pointless.You can’t go back in time to fix things; you can only hope to do better next time.  This is my next time!

When I met Katie, from 5 Boys + 1 Girl = 6 Photography, my mind immediately flashed back to the countless photo shoots I’d been a part of: girls of every shape, size and color. Yet, when I look back, there were no crutches, no wheelchairs, no heads without hair, and not one beaming smile from a girl with down syndrome.  And, we all know those are the most beautiful of smiles.  Honest, kind and warm, like your favorite sweater.  Children with disabilities make up the largest minority in the world, yet have the smallest voice or no voice at all. These girls are perfectly imperfect and it’s time to change the face of media and the expectations it places on our youth. It’s time to break down the barriers and settle any fears of differences. It’s time for visionaries like you and me to stand up and MAKE this happen.  If we don’t, who will?  So, who’s with me?  This is not about highlighting differences or setting them apart.  It’s about embracing the true beauty in ALL of us.  We ALL win when we can break down barriers and shift the social norm. I have witnessed firsthand something magical happens when children with disabilities are standing next to children who do not have disabilities.  

Every child has a story to share about the struggles they have faced along the way. But when they come together to laugh and play, the possibilities are endless.Diversity is a beautiful thing and it is my hope that you are the revolutionary I think you are.  I know we can make a difference together.  I like to dream big and The Mighty Acorn Foundation likes to dream even bigger.  With a mission of restoring hearts, igniting dreams and empowering the futures of children across the world, I believe we can truly pull off something amazing.”

We are asking you to spread the word!  We are looking for a few more designers to take a stand with us.  If you know a company that would like to be a part of this amazing project please get in touch with me.  Once slots are filled they are filled.  I will sharing with you the progress of this amazing project as well as the end result.  I just know the stars aligned the day I met Denise and Krissy.  There is a reason for everything and this was meant to be.

Meanwhile I have been working hard on parenting more yes and less no.  It feels good.  Today I looked and my boys and sweet girl and reminded myself just how good it feels to be a Mom of 6.  Here is a list of things I love about this week….

These 2.  Their relationship melts me.  I never had a relationship with a pet growing up and I am glad my kids do.

Untitled-1 copy

Road trips.  We are taking them this summer.  No matter how hard they are. We are doing it.  Stay tuned.  We leave for our first one on Monday!

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Impromptu swim parties.

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Girls with water guns.


Little girl maxi skirts.

4Q3B9017 copy

Ferns.  They are so beautiful in the spring.

4Q3B9018 copy

My husband and I will be celebrating with our friends at Monica+Andy this Thursday.  They are opening their first brick and mortar store in Lincoln Park!  I am so happy for them!  Stay tuned for pictures of this gorgeous affair.

Happy happy summer! OX Katie