I like a good snow, it is so beautiful and snow pictures send me over the top.  The mittens, coats and boots.  All the options are amazing.  I even bought a new wooden sled that will hold blankets and babies.  I am totally not one to complain about seasons because frankly I really love them all.  I love that I live in a place we get to experience every single one of them but this week I am feeling a little over it.  I guess when you put snow and super cold temperatures together it kind of equals miserable.

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The kids are tired of being inside and I am just tired of being tired.  Does that even make sense?  So I make a point to have little excursions each day to stretch our legs and breathe the fresh air instead of the dry funky stuff we have going on at home.

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As I was talking to a friend today about how life is super good one day but can fall apart in a instant I realized after saying it that we chose our own attitude.  That attitude can make or break everything we do.  So today I was feeling the “blahs”.  Everything around me felt that way.  So we took it to the grocery store for a multitude of things but mainly for some flowers.  Lots of them!

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Flowers to me are spring and they bring me tons of happiness every time I walk by them.  I have been buying flowers for myself for years.  It is often the pick me up I need to feel in the game.

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So when I was checking out and she asked, “what is the occasion a wedding?” (ok went just a tad bit over board with the flowers – but I needed an intervention) I said they were for me.  I am worth it and let me tell you they not only turned me around but my mini me as well.  She carried those little pots all over the place.  Just a little adjustment to my mood left me noticing amazing things that I completely would have missed if I just kept focusing on how cold and difficult everything was.

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I have literally pulled up next to this tree every day for 3 years and have never noticed the heart carved out in its bark.  What a treat.

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As I was carrying the groceries in the house I turned to see my little man covered in the stickers he received from the lady at the check out counter.  He chose to decorate his face with them.  Creative guy!

So here is to favorite things.  The things you go to when you just need that something to change your direction.  Put you on the right path.  Those life preservers.  I run to them quite a bit when I am snowed in.

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So cheers to our polar vortex, extreme, storm trackin’, frozen temperature winter we have going on over here in Illinois!  After a couple fist fulls (or five fist fulls – no judgement please) of chocolate covered raisons, a candle and a few dozen tulips we are all good.


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PS Our friend Valentina is the face of a beautiful line designed by Little Cotton Dress inspired by her, over on Zulilly today!  They have the sweetest outfits for valentines day!  check them out!  We are IN.LOVE with this sweet little vest Valentina sent Grace.  Sending virtual high fives to Little Cotten Dress for including everyone in their advertising.  We think you are kinda great!