Wow! Are we seriously ending January?  We are off to the races of February.  It amazes me.  I have not been able to keep up here because I have been a fitbit wearing, water drinking, Changing the Face of Beauty wild women.  Really.  Not much else outside that has been given much attention except of course my family.  Putting my thoughts into words is hard because my emotions have been a little wonky since the new year.  Never the less here I am and I must say my every day is good.  Not easy, but good.

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The other day I enlisted a neighbor to do the “grey be gone” treatment on my head. Something way over due.  We chatted about our kids, raising boys and just overall stuff.  We started talking about things that worked for our kids and things that didn’t and in the whole scheme of things if someone was listening to our conversation we sounded like we totally had it together.  Like it was easy.  It was funny as I discussed the process of taking 3 of my kids to the other side of gluten like it was just something I just decided and achieved one day.  It was actually something I decided but was it easy?  HELL NO.  It was freakin hard.  Still is.

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Our whole conversation changed actually when I admitted to her that for 6 months we fought with a child morning, noon and night about the affects eating flour would have on his system.  Insert full blown out, I hate you’s and my life is over.  Hows that for feel good parenting.  HA!  3 years have gone by now and those conversations are much easier to have and my son understands how sick he will get if he sneaks just one of those donut holes.

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What I came to realize is that when having those conversations in the future I need to remember back to when I started.  I need to communicate exactly how it went down and not just what by ego wants to communicate.  Lord it is hard, every day is hard but at the end of it, when the day is over and we sit down and really feel the stillness of the house we are reminded that we made it.  We are all still here, and we have the opportunity to try a different way tomorrow.

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This parenting is not for the weak.  It is hard work but fulfilling but hard  So note to self….. help encourage buy being truthful.  No sugar coating here because the jelly in the middle is what really matters anyway.

Just some musings for the weekend.

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I am diving into hearts this year.  Frankly I can’t get enough of them.  YEP!  looking forward to lighting up the house with a little love over the next couple of weeks that just might remain until spring break.

Saving the best for last.  My friends from The Mighty Acorn came to town this morning and  along with some dreaming and planning we were able to hand a big beautiful check over to Tinley Park GiGi’s Playhouse to help support the amazing programs they provide their families!  That is good stuff.

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TGIF friends!  I promise you will be hearing more from me over the next couple of weeks as I am feeling super creative and inspired.

OXOX Katie