February is a busy month for us.  2 of our boys are born in this special month.  That equals 2 friend parties and 2 day of their birthday parties.  So we celebrated our first boy with friends on thursday and just our family the rest of the weekend.  It was good.

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4Q3B5917 copyHe is growing up.  I remember his birth like it was yesterday.  He was the baby who sat on my lap for years and now he is probably one of the most independent.  He is competitive, sometimes way to competitive but it is the way he breathes.  He is a middle child and he demands attention, rightfully so.  He loves his 2 younger siblings a ton and he plays hard with them every day.  He has a tough outer shell but he has a heart of gold underneath it.  It is hard to believe another year is gone but I look forward to watching him grow into the young man he is meant to be. BTW don’t ever include pink icing when decorating cookies on a boys birthday even if it is Valentines Day.  Boys do not like pink icing.  

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The snow is once again dumping on our state.  It feels good to be snuggled into a warm house but not so good when plans get canceled because of it.  We are keeping our eye on spring.

So much excitement trending around the first runway model, Dr Danielle Sheypuk who happens to be in a wheelchair on the runway at New Yorks 2014 Fashion week.  I love reading all the articles about change and the encouragement to use models of different abilities….more on that this week!

I big thanks to Karen Meyer from ABC for once again sharing the mission behind Changing the Face of Beauty and my photography.  You can watch the segment here.

Happy Monday!  OXOX