It is March and well…I have to say I am starting to feel the end to this winter (of hell) vortex thing.  I mean really…..there is still 2 feet of snow in my yard and mounds of it 10 feet high in the parking lots but I am starting to feel it.  You know when you get butterflies……something exciting is around the corner.  That feeling.  Spring.  It will be here before we know it.  Next weekend we celebrate St Pat himself.  Reconnecting with all the friends that have been in hibernation since December.  The snow birds are gradually making their way back to the real world.  I just received the annual Easter email from my cousin. “I wanted to ask you, Easter,” Que. “Heck yeah! Lets do it up this year!”  Insert another sign that spring is coming.

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We are traveling a whole lot this month which is not something we do often.  I am anxious about the trips as well as excited to just do it.  I usually come up with 20 reasons why it is not a good idea but this year, nope, I’m in!  Spring break here we come! Insert another sign of spring.

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We are rolling off a week of family time.  Less social media and more hello neighbor, friends and family.  Long phone calls to catch up on the real nitty gritty.  I feel connected, humanly connected and it feels good.

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I watched my kids just a little closer this week.  Studying their growth and the tiny changes that generally go unnoticed.  Moments that grabbed my heart.  Moments of WOW I am proud of you.  These boys of mine are gradually moving into the teenage years. They have passions and interests that I have no idea where they came from but as a person who did not find a lot of those things till late in my 30’s I am super proud of them.  It feels good to be their mom.

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So this weekend will be the crescendo to our awesome week.  We are headed north to spend the weekend in the Dells at the IDSC – World Down Syndrome Day meet up!  I can’t wait!  Car will be packed tonight and we will scoot out in the morning.  Each year Grace gets a little older and I realize how important this community is to myself and my family.  They continue to provide a nice place to fall.  So I am off to grab the swim suits!

If you are local and looking for a new puppy.  I can hook you up with a Maltese.  My friend has 2 males who need homes!  Feel free to email me at if you want the information!  There just MIGHT be a new family member in our house!  More to come on that!

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Happy feelings of spring!  I know you can feel it! Right?

OXOX Katie