I will make this quick because WOW what a busy week this has been!

I found one of the coolest things eva’ at the Goodwill!  Sister is lovin her new desk/highchair!

As you can see in the subject line….Billboards!  Yep we got billboards!  What does that mean you ask??…..well Changing the Face of Beauty and IDSC for life have teamed up and launched a National Down Syndrome Awareness Billboard Campaign…..that means just what it says!  We will be joining Changing the Face of Beauty models and photographers with the beautiful messages from IDSC to make each and every billboard just perfect!

How exciting is that!  You might wonder how you can get a Down Syndrome Awareness Billboard in your neighborhood!  Well it is easy!  You can sponsor one!  You go directly to the IDSC For Life website and click donate.  Billboards range from 250.00 – 2000.00 depending on the size.  (Please make a note with your donation, where and what size billboard you are donating for)  We both are thrilled to be working with Lamar Advertising on this project.  Lamar has offered to donate the billboard space as they have it available and we pay for the development of the picture.

Lets do it! Lets Rock this project out!  Lets show the world how proud we are of our family and friends who happen to have that extra chromosome!  They matter to us and they matter to this world.  Steve and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to put our beautiful models up in lights where they should be!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Billboards!

  1. So very proud of you. What you and Steve are doing is utterly amazing. The billboard is fantastic. I am so looking forward to seeing the billboard in person. We should have a champagne toast ( but you know I don’t drink so I will toast with my pop) Love you and think you are incredible.

  2. So I see your trip to Goodwill was a prosperous one! It is always a good day when you get a great find at the resale shop! When I got home the other day after meeting you,(which was wonderful) I saw on my table the Special Parent magazine and I recognized that beautiful face and said out loud “That is Grace.” What a small world!!

  3. I love this campaign and was so honored to have you take a picture of my son yesterday at the Gigi Fundraiser. The picture is adorable. I would be very interested to find out how to get a billboard in our area, but I looked at the Lamar Advertising site and I’m not sure if they cover my area. I think the billboards in our area are through another vendor so not sure how that would work. I guess I can contact them and ask. But my question is can the billboard have Jacob on it? A lot of people would be able to relate to him in our area as we live in a small town and practically everyone knows him. Let me know thanks.

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