The weekend went by too quick….we had some baseball on Saturday morning and we took a quick 3 hour trip to the shores of Lakeside, Michigan to spend time with friends.  It was beautiful.  We are blessed…….

Changing the face of beauty is moving forward full force and I am excited to say we have had excellent response from some amazing vendors on Etsy.  If you are not sure what Changing the Face of beauty is check this out.

As the weekend comes to a close I can look back on one of the most beautiful mornings I have had in a long time.  Steve and I traveled to the north side of Chicago to visit an amazing family.  A family who advocates and supports others.  They have a beautiful daughter Karuna.  After hearing about this amazing girl we had to include her in our Changing the Face of Beauty campaign.

When we arrived Karuna was resting in bed.  Her Mom tenderly moved her to her wheelchair and into the dining room we went.  Steve displayed the beautiful fresh flowered headbands and hair clips and we chose one to start with.  As I began photographing her, her brother and sister were always close by.  Smiling at the camera…. loving on their sister.  That is beauty.


Being there with this family reminded me of what it is like to have a child with a disability.  It is care, a lot of care…..a lot of therapy.  It is family… that is strong, tender and loving.  It is brothers and sisters…..brothers and sisters that will grow up to be amazing advocates for others, caring and loving people….. we so need that in our world.  It is parents…..parents who love unconditionally and step up to the plate when times are tough.  They are strong, very very strong.

So as I was taking these pictures I didn’t ask the family to step aside, I included them.  These are precious moments and they should be documented.  They serve as reminders that their journey is about the whole family each and every one of them walk this road together.  They support each other, love each other and care for each other every single day.

Life is good…..people are good!  Get out and experience it….it will prove amazing things.