So there have been so many things flying around lately about clothing and body campaigns and it has all gotten me thinkin.  The perception thing really has my thinking.  It worries me.  I know these perceptions are there.  I am human and I get it.  I am a visual person and I love beautiful images and things.

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Until my daughter was born I didn’t get it.  I didn’t get the beauty lying there right in front of me every day until my doctor said, “Katie, you have a daughter.”  At that very moment everything changed for me.  At that moment I made a decision that I would celebrate that sweet and precious face just like I celebrated those handsome boys.

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4Q3B0323 copyMy thoughts have been overloading my day with ideas on how to continue to teach our world just what beauty is.  I have ideas but I want to hear from you.  I am excited to start yet another chapter in my photography career.  I want to inclusion.  I want acceptance and I want people to see my daughters spark, her beauty and her not just her chromosome.

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So my plans are to start presenting images of inclusion on my photography page as well as my blog.  I want to show you that “Kids are Kids” and “People are People” because they are.  I want to highlight everyone, together!  So please share your input.  Send me emails.  If you have thoughts and ideas, I wanna hear them because there is strength in numbers.  Just think what WE can do together!

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My first project will be a styled shoot with children of all backgrounds.  To do that I need vendors who also want to show their customers that including everyone is important.  “Kids ARE Kids” they just are.  They all love candy, toys, cool clothes and most of all they love to have a good time!

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I want my images to tell that story.  The story of inclusion.  Sometimes I think the campaign Steve and I started segregates while it is teaching and that is not what either one of us wanted.  I ask myself all the time why I focus my celebration on just children who happen to have disabilities.   My words are that all children are beautiful, and they are, but unfortunately my images have not always reflected that.  There is no sense of togetherness.  There is no inclusion….the one thing I want more then anything in this world.

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It took one Mama!  A Mama who happens to be the Editor of Chicago Parent.  She sent me a note and she said she would like a child who happens to have a disability to be a part of a perfect little photo shoot they are putting together for their back to school edition.  She wants everyone to be represented because guess what!  EVERY child will be preparing to return to school in August!  Every single one of them, together!

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So that is what is going on right now, today.  I want to live that.  I want my daughter to be included just like every one of my boys and YOUR child, I want them included too!

For constant updates follow me on Facebook.  I will be posting vendor needs, volunteer needs and casting calls.

So stay tuned!  More to come and I hope this summer we can create some beautiful stories of inclusion.  Of children playing together, learning about each other and most of all making friends!

Happy Memorial Day friends! OXOXO