Be the one…aren’t those 3 words so powerful.  You could look at them so many different ways.  Be the one who wins the game, or the one who is a good sport.  You could also say, be the one who gets straight A’s or be the one who pays attention and does the best they can.


Be the one!  It is something to live out.  How about be the one to count on or be the one who extends a hand or a friendship.  It is funny this parenting journey.  So many  days we are rock solid and others we are trembling in our boots.  What is that?  Why so much hot and cold?  I have felt the latter lately.  Not sure where it is coming from my a sense of sadness and as I told my girlfriend today no reason to be.  Tonight I opened up a very special gift.  A beautiful song written by a family who advocates for our children through their music.  They released their newest song today and it struck a cord with me and it made me cry.

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As Grace gets older she is more out going.  She is coming out of her shell and she has no enemies.  She loves people and the more people the better.  It makes my heart smile to see her so happy but underneath that smile there is a whole lotta fear.  I hold my breath that all goes well, that no one limits her because of her extra chromosome.  That they give her a chance and treat her like a 3 year old should be treated.  I cross my fingers that she acts appropriately and goes along with the what  the other children are doing at the moment.


She more often then not exceeds my expectations.  She passes with flying colors and I realize these are my issues and not hers.  I need to trust and BELIEVE that she will be just fine.  It is hard….this video and the words to this song communicate it perfectly.  Our children are so worthy of all friendships.  They are capable and they are a good time and I need to step back and let her dance because she has her own beat and it is rockin’ if I do say so myself.



I am loving all the exploration.  This is the first summer she will walk through the grass and stand at the fence waiting for it to be opened so that she can be right along side her brothers.  She is a big girl now and she is amazing!

Thank you to the Wright Family for being amazing!  You can follow them on thier Facebook page “It Starts With A Voice”.

“Be The One” {Music Video} from Life Stage Films on Vimeo.


Today was a big day for 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 Photography.  I launched my new website.  If you have a moment check it out and let me know what you think!  I am pretty excited about the fact that it really communicated who I am.  I hope you love it as much as I do.


Happy Monday everyone!