Baby Alexis needs a forever family…..

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So tonight I am glad it is Thursday.  It is my favorite day of the week by the way.  It is my favorite because tomorrow is Friday and Fridays just rock in my book.  They are the day we mentally prepare for the weekend.  We get an extra splash of cream in our coffee and we wake up smiling because we know the weekend is near.  I haven’t been myself these last couple of weeks and I am still trying to get my mojo back but today I am thankful for perfect little birthdays with calls from friends and family, virtual wishes and cake with my little (well big) family.

4Q3B55624Q3B5566I am so thankful for friends who stand in and educate little minds and hearts about that extra chromosome and all the goodness it brings to our life when this Mama is just not yet strong enough to do it. AND for brothers who love their sister so much they convince 28 kids to donate to a charity that will help their sister and her friends  (Gigis Playhouse).  Swelling with pride.


4Q3B5588 copy

I am thankful for all the beautiful sibling pictures flying around celebrating the unique relationships siblings have.


I am so thankful for after nap hugs from big brothers and before bed activities that incorporate my oldest and my youngest children.



I am thankful for blog sponsors who develop awesome tools that give other Mamas the opportunity to feed their children balanced meals!  This plate is the coolest.  It not only provides a reminder of how to feed our children well but to encourage the child to climb the tower to the treat!  Love that!



Grace had a great time talking about the triangle and the colors on the plate.  It made the meal educational and we all love that!  You can check the GROUPIE plate out on Amazon!

I may not be on my A game but everything around me is.  I think that is how life keeps pushing on.  When one is up and the other is down we all kind of balance each other out.

Today I have another sweet baby girl who desperately needs a forever family.  She deserves a forever family.  We have done such a fantastic job sharing these babies in the past that The Cradle has once again asked us to help.  Please take a moment and read about this sweet girl Alexis and share her story.  Give her the chance that we were given.  The chance to be loved and to give love.


Alexis 2

Alexis is a bright eyed Caucasian/Hispanic one year old girl who eagerly offers a smile.  Alexis is medically complex because of her many special needs.  She was born with a myelominingocele (Spina Bifida) that was repaired at birth and her legs have decreased tone.  She has a shunt and was diagnosed with Chiari II.  Alexis has a trach and is currently ventilator dependent.  Her feedings are provided through a g-tube. Her hearing tests reveal a likely impairment.  She has spent the first eight months of her life in a hospital, and the last 4 months in a skilled care facility.  Her condition is stable and she is ready for at home care. Her long term prognosis is not known. Alexis is a very social girl and loves to interact with the nursing staff, she has learned to play peek a boo.  She needs close monitoring of her medical needs and therapies to address her development. For more information about Alexis please contact

Alexis 1

She is precious and she needs our help.  Please consider clicking the share button at the top or bottom of this post and give her a chance.  She is available and ready for a family to love her.
OXOX Katie

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