We are grabbing some order around here after having Dad home for the entire weekend.  I worked a ton this weekend and thank goodness I love what I do because I missed my family.  If it was not for the,  “hey don’t forget to”…..and, “I will be home before you go to bed”….I saw little to nothing of them until Sunday.

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The curse of motherly guilt set in Sunday morning as I waited for my clients and I decided donuts and a “Buddy Walk” were in store for our afternoon.  The best kind of plans are last minute plans in my book.  After my session I ran home picked up the kids and off we went.

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The afternoon delivered.   The event is like a huge hug every year.  The kids have a blast and watching them dance to Disney Radio was icing on the cake.  I am not quite sure about this life balance stuff, because I am absolutely horrible at it but some how some way it always works out.

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I love the outpouring of emails and messages I received about my letter to Tori Spelling.  It is so awesome to be on the same team as so many of you!  I am happy to update that they heard our voices and they are 100% onboard.  They are trying to make it work.  How exciting is that?  Her staff gets it and I am sure Tori does as well.  They hope to figure out a plan to include all children in future advertising.  They see us and they hear us!  Don’t forget to drop them a line.  Believe it our not there are wonderful people out there and they are striving to do the right thing every single day.  It feels good to hear from consumers and readers.  It validates that what they are doing really means something.

IMG_9643 copyI am excited about a little project I put together for Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  You will be hearing from my family this year.  My husband and Grace’s 5 brothers have compiled their thoughts on why it is important to have a month to explore the world of Down Syndrome as well as their feelings about having a sister/daughter who happens to have one extra chromosome!  So check back tomorrow!  I am super proud of all of them.

Happy Day Everyone!