Vacation week…has been just that a vacation.  Everyone stays up late and sleeps in.  I am soaking in all the day trips and the slow nights.  I am loving good bonfires and down time to work on my family photos.   Aside from my 5 year old swallowing a quarter and the disaster of a beach night we had tonight all is good.  Our outings are not the picture of what would represent “Pure Michigan” but they definitely represent two parents working super hard to make memories for their kids.   Family happiness is hard work but worth it.  So here you go.  Our vacation so far.

Take a girl shopping and this is what you get!!

grace shopping


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4Q3B0831 copy


4Q3B0833 copy


4Q3B0849 copy


4Q3B0856 copy

4Q3B0864 copy

4Q3B0876 copy

4Q3B0877 copy


oh yes, we did! and my husband is sitting next to me right now searching models to purchase so that we can ride in parades.  The dreams we have…..

4Q3B0884 copy

4Q3B0896 copy



I have never seen Lake Michigan with waves like they were tonight….and the wind…WOW.


4Q3B0938 copy


4Q3B0947 copy


4Q3B0955 copy 4Q3B0958 copy


Happy Hump Day!