We are wrapping up a very short week at home with Dr’s appointments, meetings and errands because we are blowing this pop stand.  We are heading to the beach for a whole lotta food, sun and fireworks.  I am just kind of excited.  This weekend was kind of a prelude to what is coming.

Strawberry and Cherry picking!  We have bowls of this fresh fruit begging for a 4th of July pie.  Coming soon.

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The water slide made its 2014 debut.

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Jazz on the porch of the Inn down the street.

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The Red, White and Blue is flying and we are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends.  Although the 4th often makes me feel like the summer is half we over I am going with the glass half full outlook.  Trying to make the most of what we have now.

Grace and I played around in the studio today.  I made my first flower crown.  You will be seeing a lot more of these!  Grace danced around in her beautiful new dress from Monica + Andy.  We love this children’s line and this dress is so much fun to wear.  She immediately started twirling!  It is perfect for any little princess.

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I also want to thank Todays Chicago Women Magazine for including me in the 100 Women of Inspiration.  What an honor to be included in a list along side so many inspiring ladies!


More to come on our holiday week!  OX Katie