Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.  Years have gone by and if you flip through our family photos you will see maybe 1 or 2 images with my children and I.  Last year I bought myself, my own Mothers Day session with a local photographer so that I would have images with all my kids.  The other day I was out to lunch with our cousin Maryellen and she mentioned how easy it was to take images of myself with a little thing called a remote!  Stop the bus!  All I need is a remote?  Sold.  That afternoon I was searching for the perfect tripod and remote on Amazon.

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Well they came today.  insert – Happy Dance.  It is ironic they came today.  On a day I am feeling all, yuck.  I flipped through 110 things I would like to change about myself this afternoon as I was shuffling my kids to the dentist.  It is hard to embrace my own self sometimes.  I have never been 100% comfortable in my own skin.  Whether it is my hair, weight, height, feet.  What ever.  There has always been something.

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I continue to work on over coming that.  Being the best me I can be and being proud of who I am regardless.  That is what is beautiful anyway.

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So today as I ventured out to the sunset with my oldest and youngest, my bookends,  I let loose.  I enjoyed them and I enjoyed myself.  I decided any image that has my kids and myself in it is and will always be my favorite.

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Try it friends get out there and have Dad hold the camera for once.  Enjoy yourself and the beautiful beings you and he created!  Oh and enjoy a sunset because sunsets make everything better.  everything.

OX Katie