My little man, the youngest of my 5 boys is now 5.  Yep, 5 years young.  I am a proud Mama.  He has come along way and this weekend we enjoyed him, family and the lake.  I am dreading the upcoming weeks, the routine….the kids going back to school.  Even though three will still be home with me I will be missing the other 3 as they load that bus.


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This guy made the most of his birthday but the best part was starting the day at the barn.  His most favorite place on earth right now.  He loves riding those horses.

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We are making the best of what we have left of the summer.  We had the most beautiful weekend with family.  We all live at different corners of the state so it takes some organization to get us together and although the whole family could not make it we rocked the weekend.  Babies played.  Big kids did big kid things and the adults enjoyed each other.

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I put on a good front…the kind like “I got this!”  you know….. life.  I don’t need help, I got it all myself.  The truth is it is nice to be surrounded by family.  They are your peeps.

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So this weekend we did a lot of that.  We made a dreamy fire on the beach and stayed late, till it was really dark and we laughed all that way home.  We shopped and ate and played.  It was a good weekend.

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As I stood on the stoop watching my parents pull away with my 2 oldest I wanted to cry.  In fact I did cry on the phone to my husband.  The tears were natural and needed.  I am sad the weekend is over.  I always am.  I am sad my babies are growing up and are now starting yet another new year at school.  I am proud of them and love them more then life but they are growing up.  They are growing into their own self.

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Life is strange and quick, but it is beautiful.  I am so thankful tonight for my 6 blessings and my family.  I am even more thankful for the people who surround us and feel like family every day.  I can not figure out why I am sad when good times come to an end.  I guess when the here and now are so good, it is good!  Happy Hump Day!