This time a year as the weather changes and the year moves toward a close I start reflecting.  My favorite thing to do is thumb through my old picture books and see how much the kids have changed over the past year.  I always feel like they are so big at the beginning of every year but at the end, WOW! They have always grown in more ways then one, this kind of makes my heart hurt.  I miss the beginnings and we are not even at the end.  The one thing that has always been constant in our family is pictures.  We corralled the kids every year to get to the photographer in the fall and document our family all together.  The camera is a part of all our celebrations….. as grand as the birth of our children and as insignificant as the friday night pizza and beer.  We document…..sometimes better then other times but I am so thankful that every year this time I can crawl into bed and sift through our memories, one book at a time.

I spent a ton of time yesterday organizing pictures of past sessions from 2012 as I put together my new photography website.   It was funny but my heart felt the same about these pictures.  I love looking at all the faces that have come into my life and most of them I can now call my friends.  Who would have known something I love would enrich not only my life but my families life as well.  I love photography. I love the excitement of a great shot, and I love feeling of Christmas every time I download an SD card of images.  That is why I thought today I would share why I feel in love with my camera.

1/ My camera gives me the ability capture the importance of a moment.  A moment in time that is there for just that….a moment.  Soon enough my girl will be walking, heck she will be running and the time of transferring from one piece of furniture to another will be so insignificant…. but right now it is huge!  Like ENORMOUS!

2/ I love seasons.  I love the change they bring not only to the trees and our wardrobe but to our daily life.  Fall is bringing family together….long weekends in Michigan, apples and pumpkins.  I love capturing the signs of each season like our pumpkins.  The kids take their time picking the perfect pumpkin for their Jack – O – Lantern.  Unfortunately the Jack – O – Lantern will only last 5 days but the time that went into them is captured and will never be forgotten.

My girl was rocking out the vroom vroom today on the tractor… that!!!

3/  I am not the detail person I used to be….that changed a little each time a new baby came into our life.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to sweat the small things but in my heart I still love those little details.  They make me happy,  red converse happy.  My pictures are not always predictable, I want to remember that my girl had the most awesome pair of red converse this fall and she rocked ’em!  Because red is the new black you know.  Pictures do not have to be predictable…..most of the time the unpredictable  pictures will be the ones you cherish for years to come.

4/ Faces….love ’em and honestly can’t get enough of ’em!  They tell the story all by themselves.  Closeups show the laugh lines and the curve of a beautiful young eyelash.  They remind you of what your child looks like right now and that is beautiful, crumbs on the face and all.  Just beautiful…..

5/ I love capturing family… is just happiness at the purest form.  I love throwing everyone together for a group hug or a laugh, that makes the best pictures.  It reminds you every time you look at that picture exactly why you love that group…..the group you call yours.

Happy Sunday all!  October and all its goodness is here and that’s good stuff!  Make it great! OXOX