As I was driving to an appointment this afternoon my mind was racing.  Thinking about how I ended up right here and right now, a photographer, a mom of 6, and a wife.  What all went into this adventure?  Sometimes I feel like I went to bed at 21 and woke up at 38ish.  Seriously, how did all this time pass and how did I end up right here and right now?

It is funny to me to think about how we evolve just through life.  When I was in high school I was surrounded by parents who were teachers and business owners.  I made comments to my Dad, “You just want me to be like you!” and my Mom and Step Dad I just knew I could never do what they do, teach.  I was conflicted and confused and when I walked into college at 18 I had no idea where my path was going.  I was scared to death and spent the next year digging inside myself to finally come up with a career.  I dove into a Social Work program and after graduation I had a job that I worked at a little less then three years.  Shortly after that I changed careers and worked in the Human Resource field.  I did that for a total of 11 years and it was not till I was laid off that I decided it was time for a change.

Today I went to meet with a business owner about Photography.  My new career!  I had to put that cap on and own it.  What is it about our conscious that constantly second guesses our next move?  Those little voices in the back of our heads that say we are not worthy of a career change or of following our dreams.  Why is it we look across streets and tables and feel like we are not capable or skilled enough to take our dreams to the next step.

I had the best conversation with a friend this week as she told me about a class she took that helps you open your mind to new opportunity and it breathes new life in dreams that have always been there.  We agreed that fear always gets in the way.  So I am putting fear aside in 2013!  I am stepping right over it.  It is hard and it takes deep breaths and the ability to scoop up the confidence in the bottom of my stomach but I am going to do it.  So I say we all band together.  We all have something we just fear or dreams that we have not even tried to reach.  Lets change that this year! Lets spread our wings.  Share with me what your fears or dreams are and how your are going to overcome them this year!  I love inspiration from others!  So please leave me a note!


In my spare time I have been fluffing different areas of the house and one includes  my office.  I spend so much time in there and often find my kids bored out of her mind waiting for me.  So after finding these FANTASTIC rugs, it spurred me to do a little redecorating and creating a space for the kids along side me.  I am THRILLED to have our first sponsor this year Peanut Butter Dynamite!  Check them out! You are going to FALL – IN – LOVE!  I am just saying!  I can not get enough of the Turtle and Ladybug!



awesome new truck for the Salvation army! 

I love how it turned out and I love even more turning my head and seeing the kids creating right behind me.  Good stuff!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Make it great!